Dearc (Little Softs)

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I, Emperor Dinobot, am also fond of plush prehistoric fauna. When I read that Little Softs were offering a quirky, newly described Scottish rhamphorhynchid, I had to jump into it. It is very bittersweet for me to be writing this review, though, and I will explain so later.

My dear Dearc came in a plastic baggie to avoid dirt (I still lightly cleaned it anyways, as I always do with each one of my animals). I was definitely not disappointed by the craftsmanship provided by Little Softs, whom I felt very identified with after reading their “About Us”, which reads “LittleSofts is a new plush design company. Our shop opened up in the last week of 2021, with our plushies for Studio TRIGGER’s animated movie “PROMARE”. LittleSofts was started by designer Sunny Critters after a traumatic event. This led them to design a plush doll to help with the PTSD, along with depression and anxiety, and now we hope you can find comfort in these soft friends in the same way. We are proud to have created officially licensed anime dolls and want to continue bringing happiness with our original character lines for years to come!”. It made me love my Dearc even more as I acquired it during what is literally the most painful moment of my entire life. It was meant as a gift to my sister who very recently passed away, and I…never got to have a chance to have her even look at it closely. In fact, the pictures shown here were taken so she could see them. Her room was already full of plush and I was not allowed to bring this one in so I decided to add it to the Pantheon of Plushies and keep it.

I never even removed the tags. It is practically brand new.

The colors are exquisite on this plush. Dark blues with lighter blues all over the back in an even pattern, with two yellow spots on the protopagium. The end of the tail comes in a lighter blue, with 2 orange wedges coming on both sides. The head is light cream, just like the underside, with the beak being cold grey. The underside has dark blue splotches under the neck, all evenly distributed, and two blue lines under the belly. The eyes are big and yellow, with large pupils. Either this animal is friendly or nocturnal. But the best is yet to come!

The wings are articulated! This is what sold me for real. I don’t remember if the tail is articulated as well (it is downstairs in the Pantheon and I took these pictures about a month ago), but you can pose it as if it were walking along the ancient beaches of the Isles of Skye. Now for some adventures…

I think this is going to be Lady Bo-Katan’s mount from now on.

Looks like someone put a bounty on The Batman, but Bo-Katan will likely claim it before anyone does, although there’s something more valuable in the horizon.

I am not sure my sister’s Smolive is too fond of it, even though Dearc just wants to be friends.

I found it highly swooshable, too. Anyways, as you may have read, Dearc was one, if not, the biggest rhamphorhynchid, and the fossils found suggest it was still growing, so we may have a 3 meter long wingspan animal here, passing Dorygnathus in size. It is hard to know, despite having a very complete skeleton of it, but said skeleton is missing some parts, making it a bit hard to determine its exact size. The figure is as big as the Mattel Jurassic World pterosaurs I have reviewed, so about 14 inches in wingspan. A member also pointed out that the figure was designed with the help of the paleontologist Natalia Jagielska, who described the animal!

I highly recommend it, but good luck finding one as they are currently sold-out! Maybe they will restock it in the future, who knows. Maybe one will fly to your home if you offer it some fishies and milk.

I dedicate this review to my sister.

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