Dimorphodon (Supreme by CollectA)

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In early 2015, CollectA released one of the biggest and best pterosaur toys of all time: the Supreme-class Guidraco! With its great size, fearsome appearance, and magnificent detailing, it was a must-have for any pterosaur aficionado! For 2017, CollectA has followed up with a Dimorphodon at the same scale.

Like the Guidraco, the Dimorphodon has been sculpted in a walking pose with its wings neatly folded up. Its huge head is turned sightly to the right and its long tail is raised high and swaying slightly to the left. This gives the toy a length of 37 cm and a height of 13 cm. Granted, it’s not as enormous as the Guidraco, but it’s still one of the biggest pterosaur toys ever made. And it easily dwarfs the other renditions of Dimorphodon, at least that I know of!

The main colour on this pterosaur is sandy yellow. Dull brown wash is used to accentuate the shaggy coat of pycnofibres covered its entire body save for the bill, hands, feet, and tail vane. The various wing membranes are all taupe grey. The underbelly is beige and the claws are black. Dark brown is used for the markings on the head, the spots on the body, and the stripes on the tail. The nostrils are black, the inside of the mouth is dull pink, and the teeth are grey. Finally, the large, round eyes are painted with glossy black that I can even see my blurry reflection in. It’s a pretty swell colour scheme overall, although I would have preferred the teeth in white rather than grey.

As mentioned above, most of the Dimorphodon‘s body is covered in meticulously sculpted pycnofibres. The wings membranes have faint creases to give them a leathery appearance and the feet, the hands, and the enormous bill also have faint wrinkles. The inside of the mouth is nicely detailed with a long, skinny tongue and the teeth and claws are pleasingly pointy. And just like the Guidraco, this Dimorphodon boasts a hinged lower jaw that allows you the options of an open or closed mouth. The large front teeth interlock nicely. In contrast to its exaggerated portrayal in Jurassic World (ugh), Dimorphodon was a rather poor flyer with a light, fragile skull and a relatively weak bite. You’d pose overwhelmingly more danger to it than vice versa. That said, it still would have been the personification of death for any insect or small vertebrate inhabiting the Early Jurassic.

On that note, this Dimorphodon does have a dentition error in that there ought to be ten large teeth at the front of the lower jaw as opposed to just six. As well, the elongated fifth digits on the hind feet should not have claws. Aside from that, however, this figure is very accurate indeed. The proportions and profile are correct and the the figure is immediately recognizable as a Dimorphodon. The fenestrae are slightly visible beneath the skin, but not enough to be a case of “shrink wrapping.” The propatagium and the brachopatagium also appear to be correct, with the latter attaching to the hind limb near the ankle. The uropatagium stretches from the base of the tail to the elongated fifth toes. The tip of the tail features a large vane for stability during flight.

A couple of small errors notwithstanding, this toy truly is fantastic, every bit as much as the Guidraco and hands down the best plastic representation of Dimorphodon to date. Definitely a top contender for the best prehistoric toy of 2017!

A huge thank you to CollectA for this review sample!

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Comments 29

  • Thanks for the great review and pictures. I’ve been going back and forth on which figure to buy, and your review convinced me.should get my baby in a few days

  • Mine has white teeth, like Postsaurischian’s.

    Like Postsaurischian’s CollectA Dimorphodon, I mean, although I’m sure his own teeth are pearly white, too.

  • FINALLY got a hold of this guy, he’s even more beautiful in person!

  • Both Guidraco and Dimorphodon have spectacular sculpting, but tp tell the truth I actually do not like that much the colour pattern of the crest of the former (looks like a luna park decoration) and of the face of the latter (looks like a donut topping or a desert camouflage).

    I am often disappointed by recent Collecta choiches of the scheme colours, what is your opinion?

  • The teeth on mine are white, which I like better 🙂

  • Thanks Suspy, great review! I’m really looking forward to getting this one. I still haven’t gotten any of this years releases that I want from CollectA or Papo as neither are available in the U.S. yet…even the already released ones. 🙁

  • How did you manage to get this figure slightly earlier than its release date?

  • By the way. What scale is this Dimorphodon made of?

    • Not sure of the exact scale, but the real Dimorphodon measured up to a metre in length with a 1.45 metre wingspan. So this toy is around 1/3 the size.

      • Ohh, I just saw this answer. Thank you very much Supsy for your time, it has helped me clarify several doubts. Regards!! 🙂

      • Total length can be difficult to estimate in a creature like a pterosaur. However, according to Mark Witton the skull of Dimorphodon is about 20 cm long, and I measure the skull of the CollectA Dimorphodon at about 10 cm long. Which would make the model 1/2 size (1:2 scale) rather than 1/3 size.

        I have this model even though I tend not to collect pterosaur toys – it was too good too pass up!

  • By the way, does anyone know of a release date for this figure?

  • Damn, it looks so much better than its promotional pictures! Dare I say this is, if not one of, CollectA’s finest models. I’ve never been one for flying reptiles, I don’t own any that aren’t from Kenner, but I’m definitely picking this guy up.

    Awesome, and helpful, review as always!

  • Aww dammit, I wanted to review that critter so badly as this is my No1 of this year’s lineup, but it is not available here right now 😀
    Nevertheless a nice review, Suspy, especially like the comparison shot with all its family.

    • I am sorry to have inadvertently dashed your hopes, friend; I am confident you would have written a superb review of this wonderful toy. I’m glad you enjoyed mine.

  • Thanks for Suspsy for the great article. Collecta is one of the best dinosaur companies in the world in terms of scientific reliability and detail. It is surely as you say the best dimorphodon done to date. Above all, it is grateful to indicate what the scientific imperfections of this figure are. Anyway as I indicate is always a figure of honor registration.

  • I thought this looked promising before. Your review has convinced me that I’ll be racing to buy it once it reaches my part of the world.

  • Which do you think is the most accurate dimorphodon:1.Safari ltd Dimorphodon,2.Rebor’s Judy and Punch dimorphodons,3.Schleich green dimorphodon.
    I am so glad that 2 brand new 2017 Dimorphodon figures have been released from CollectA and Papo.Cannot wait to see Papo 2017 Dimorphodon to be reviewed. I think this figure is almost lifelike.Your reviews are superb and friendly,love this blog.

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