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Figures in 1/72 - work on Giraffatitan

Started by MIXVS MINIMAX, April 15, 2013, 01:46:19 AM

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my name is Alex and I sculpt and produce figures in resin of extinct creatures in 1/72. If You want to order, just write me a PM.

There are now 18 creatures avaiable:

Finished and unfinished Mixvs Minimax-models:
1st row: (from left) Velociraptor, Conchoraptor, Caudipteryx, Coelophysis, Mononykus, Protoceratops
2nd row: Dracorex, Deinonychus, Stygimoloch, Kelenken
3rd row: Pteranodon , Coelodonta, Placerias, Gallimimus
4th row: Quetzalcoatlus, Mammuthus, Therizinosaurus
5th row: Stegosaurus, Giraffatitan (both in progress)

Not yet on the group picture: Microraptor


I really like it! One thing is funny:  It looks as if it had ears ;-) And were its wings really thiat big?!


I'm sure, he heard what You said about his ears. But i think he enjoyed it.

wings: I sculpted a reduced wing-variant, so one can choose which variant to assemble. There wings itself were indeed so long (if the reference material is right).
Also the beak is now longer and the "eyebrows" are more prominent.


Today: Dracorex hogwartia (1/72)

Dracorex in the mountains. The arms and the top of the skull are not sculpted. I build a negativ-mould in Plastilin and filled it mould with resin.
Thats a far mor easy way to build small stuff.

I allowed me to give him a featherlike coat on the back. It can be cold in the mountains.

For any comments before I start with casting please reply.


If he's anything like Stygimoloch, the hands.arms may be a bit too large..but given the scale I think your good regardless.


Looking good! Is the head a little on the boxy side, or is that just the various horns and bumps?
I don't know how anyone can sculpt such tiny, detailed models... what tools do you use for texturing and shaping?
"It is only a matter of time before the ents of justice arrive, and demonstrate the true, amphisbaenian origin of Mammalia. Then we will be free!"
- Dr Darren Naish


Ok. I will check it.
@Sumo: I use ordinary dentist tools for sculpting. And for ultrafine stuff I make negativ mould in putty and cast it.


Today: Quetzalcoatlus northropi (1/72)

Q in the landscape. When it will be casted, the lower beak, the hands and feets are extra parts.
Look at the wrinkles of the folded wing. My interpretation of the folding references to bats. Paintings of Pterosaurs often
show the flight membran as an stiff upright object and with no wrinkles in the folded area.

I will present them as soon as possible.




@ Blade:Thx
@ Iustin.
I just use milliput. Some small (feet) or slender (beak) stuff which is hard to sculpt is casted in a negativ mold pressed in plastilin, modelling clay or similar.


They're all really great models  :D The Quetzalcoatlus' bat-inspired wings are a nice touch and the texturing of the body and details on the head are terrific - great job!  :D



...a bit a patience please-do not rotten in this time. :-)


Hi Folks,

as I said here comes another guy- a Pteranodon (1/72)
which takes-off from a basalt cliff, ready to fly over the mesozoic ocean to catch some Ichtyosaurs. :-).

The wing-membran was not so difficult as it may be look like. I choosed paper and used liquid super glue to stiff it.

The beak and the feet will be extra parts and there will be the opportunity to choose among 3 crests:
P. steinbergi, P. longiceps male and femal. The female of P. longiceps looks quite the same as P. steinbergi. So there are 3.5 option for classification.
The beak can be assembled in open und shut-posistion. One feet ist holding backwards, while the "jump-off-foot" grabs the edge of the rock.


MIXVS MINIMAX is another furry fellow. Ok, its not a Theropodian or Ornthischian or even Pterosuchian, but never the less its a

Mammuthus primigenius (1/72)

Last year I bought some war elephants models "for an apple and an egg" and decided to rescuplt them
to a Mammoth, Deinotherium, or maybe Anancus or Platybelodon.
But recently my brother got a new cradit card and used the possibility for a ultra-individuell styled card by choosing
a pic of a Mammoth. That was the ignition für me to sculp a Mammuthus primigenius. I am not a Mr. Sean Cooper,
who really knows to sculpt fur and I needed several starts to get behind his way of sculpting. It was a hard try and error process.

But here I present to You now the result:
The nouns in the kit will come up bended in 2-dimensional. For bending them 3-dimensional You only need to bath them in hot water.  The ears will be extraparts too.



Okilidokili-now the last one for the next months. The production of the molds can start now.

Gallimimus bullatus in 1/72 is running over the dune of Laurentia.
The hands will be twisted to the inside bevor production of gallimimus starts.



I really have to ask... how/where/when do[may] we place our orders?