Giant Penguin/ Anthropornis (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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Since their discovery in the Antarctic and other parts of the southern hemisphere, penguins are seen as rather adorable creatures. In the past, there were many large examples of this family, with even a subfamily featuring these giant examples. Here, we see a figure of one such species, Anthropornis. These penguins reached 5ft 11″, and was found in the Antarctic and New Zealand during the Eocene and Oligocene.

This figure features a paint scheme that is very similar to modern penguins, which makes sense, given they would have had a similar lifestyle. It measures 2.5″ high and has a 1.5″ wingspan, and has a pose as if facing off against a rival, with stretched wings. Like many Yowie models, this features a little poseability, largely a 360 degrees head and wings that go in and out.

This is clearly an older depiction of Anthropornis, as most modern depictions give it a larger body, with more penguin like proportions, though the rest of the major features you’d find in the fossils, such as the bent joint in the wing, likely from flighted ancestors, something modern penguins lack. The bill could be more pointed, but the length is there, though I dare say it’s safer not to have the toy with a large pokey bill.

Fossil penguins are extremely rare, with this likely being the only one out there. It may be a little out of date, but it is charming in it’s own way, and I imagine kids having a lot of fun with it, and collectors adding it to their collection. EBay is your best bet, and I do recommend it. It is hard to pick up a prehistoric penguin pal otherwise (just when you thought the alliteration had gone)!

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