Giganotosaurus (Bullyland)

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The end of 2018 is nearing, and with the upcoming 2019 releases of several brands, everybody and their moms and probably cats and dogs is talking about the new Eofauna Giganotosaurus. And while this certainly deserves the attention, let’s not forget the already existing models of that enigmatic predator not being reviewed yet. While I highly doubt that many of you have the figure regarded here in their collection, and while I also doubt, many of you will add it after having read the review, I nevertheless want to introduce you to Bullyland’s Giganotosaurus.

For some background on the species you may have a look to my other review of a “German” Giganotosaurus or read the according wikipedia article. Bullyland released its version of the gigantic Cretaceous predator in 2010. The figure stands 12 cm high and measures around 31 cm in lenght. As usual with Bullyland figures, the plastics used are PVC free and comparably light and soft. Nevertheless the figure is able to stand on just its two feet which are not oversized. The forearms are too long though and the right hand’s palm is weirdly facing outward, a feature this figure shares with the Tyrannosaurus and the Allosaurus, maybe a trademark of the sculptor.

Aside from this inaccuracy the model does quite well resemble the characteristics of the species. That being said, it sure falls short in terms of sculpting details. Overall the figure looks comparably crude and the sloppy paint application of the eyes and the somewhat typical stupid look of many of Bullyland’s prehistoric animals does greatly contribute to this impression. Luckily this can easily be fixed even by collectors lacking great artistic skills. Some black and yellow paint and a common pointed brush and the change can be done in a minute and greatly improves the figure. Because after all it doesn’t look unattractive. The sculpt of the back of the Giganotosaurus aswell as the overall paint application is inspired by the South American “Caiman Lizard”, Dracaena guianensis and is certainly unusual and striking.

The jaw of the figure is articulated and opens fairly wide. Overall Bullyland’s Giganotosaurus makes for a great and safe toy, but probably does not appeal to many collectors in light of other offerings for the species. As of now it is not discontinued and can best be ordered online, for example at Urzeitshop.

You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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  • If this swapped its head with the eofauna, carnegie, or PNSO giga, and got repainted as the DK giga, it would be the best figure(dont forget to add better hands)

  • I thought it was great back in 2008(?) to see other companies following Carnegie in depicting this favorite dinosaur of mine, but I never actually got to obtaining this one or Schleich’s. Even with the far better otions available now, I might nab this guy sometime if I can.

  • I have seen this figure at my local toy shop when I bought the Bullyland Smilodon and the 201i Archaeopteryx figures there. When I went to buy it to review if for the DinosaurToyBlog, it was already sold. I am glad to see that it has been reviewed and that I have inspired some of the members to complete the reviews for the Bullyland line.

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