Leptoceratops (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

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Leptoceratops was a small ceratopsian from the Maastrichtian period at the very end of the Cretacious in North America. It would have lived alongside it’s much more famous cousins, Triceratops and Torosaurus as well as other dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus and Anatotitan to name a few. Unlike many of its contemporaries, however, this guy was tiny, measuring only about two, maybe three meters in length.

Let me start off by saying that originally I had no intention of buying this little fellow but I am sure glad I did. It’s one of those figures that I had to see in person in order to appreciate. With regards to anatomy, I can’t really find anything wrong with it. The legs are the right lengths and the skull seems to be about the right size (maybe it could afford to be a bit smaller but that’s just me being extremely nit-picky. It’s a good figure.) The tail is also good in that it is widened longitudinally. Unlike its larger relatives, the smaller ceratopsians like Lepto and Protoceratops are known for having elongated neural arches on their tails which were most likely covered by flesh in life giving it a tall, flattened appearance. So overall this figure is good with regards to scientific accuracy as far as I can tell.

The pose is not too dynamic but not totally boring either. It seems to be quizzically looking up at something. It’s on all fours which is fine. Keep in mind, however, that this kind of dinosaur is believed to have been able to move around on its hind legs as well. The pose that it’s in is good though. It allows the tail to be balanced in the air instead of being used as an extra leg like so many bipedal safari dinosaurs end up doing so I’m not complaining.

The detail is also very nice. Previously, I had only seen photos of this figure and was unable to see the great detail that is actually there and wrote it off as something I had no intention of getting. When I finally held it in my hands, I was pleasantly proven wrong. Its skin is wrinkly all over and it has individually sculpted ridges on its back and the top of its tail that give it a really nice touch. The jaw is also something that really stood out to me as being well done. It’s boldly definition gives the impression that this little dino could deliver a powerful bite if need be.

Finally, the paint job is good as well. The dinosaur is mostly forest green with dark green stripes and has chain of reddish brown dots going down the length of the body. The head is a warm amber color that brightens towards the beak. The same green base-color is used for the pattern on the frill which is also outlined in reddish brown. Each black eye has a tiny white fleck to give the impression of reflection. The color scheme seems realistic for a small dinosaur that may seek refuge in the underbrush while trying to stay out of the way of its giant contemporaries.

I have no complaints about this pleasant little figure. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap and rather cute addition to his or her collection. If you love ceratopsians like I do this little fellow should be a no-brainer. It can be found at any craft store or toy store and shouldn’t cost more than five dollars at the most.

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