Maiasaura “Lil’ Hadro” (Dinotopia by Accent International)

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Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

We return to the land apart from time to review the second Dinotopia plush released by Accent International in 1993, “Lil’ Hadro.” This is certainly an odd choice by Accent, as no character named “Lil’ Hadro” appears in any of the books. Things do start to make some sense when we look at the tag, however.

According to his(?) tag, “Lil’ Hadro” is a young Hadrosaurus, a species that does not make any sort of meaningful appearance in the first book. However, the James Gurney art on the tag reveals the identity of this young ornithopod as that of a newly hatched Maiasaura.

“Lil’ Hadro” is about the same size as the other Accent International plush, Bix, at about 16 inches (41 cm). As with the last plush, I won’t be judging this thing scientifically; that wouldn’t be fair. After all, this toy is almost 30 years old.

While “Lil’ Hadro” is simplified for plush form, he is a nice representation of the young Maiasaura in the hatchery. His colors aren’t accurate to the hatchlings, as he’s primarily a light green with light turquoise green banding reaching from his head to the tip of his tail. These seem to be ripped from the Lambeosaurus in Dinotopia

His head is a nice round shape with a charming little smile, altough, the aforementioned banding makes him look like he’s wearing a swimming cap. He also sports the same translucent plastic eyes as Bix. Around his neck is a fabric necklace carrying a little bell. Like Bix’s vest, this is original to this toy. His hands are together, which I believe are for him to hold the bell; either that or he’s praying to Ogthar.     

While lacking Bix’s main character status, “Lil’ Hadro” is an interesting reminder of when Dinotopia was hugely popular. Like the aforementioned Protoceratops, this young Maiasaura is a well-made plush, with some really neat features. Though part of me wonders why he was made, as I’m sure a Skybax plush would have been a far more appropriate choice. But, oh well, we can’t change what happened 27 years ago. So, until there are more Dinotopia toys for me to review, “Breathe deep, seek peace!”  

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