Marsupial Tapir/ Palorchestes (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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Interpreting fossils is never an easy task. Unless the animal was complete when found, or very well preserved, it can be hard to tell what an animal looked like. Prehistoric animals can be revised over and over as new information comes in about them. One animal that has been altered several times is Palorchestes, which was thought to be a kangaroo relative, then more tapir based as a result of the rostrum, and more recently, similar to a giant ground sloth. Will the Yowie figure show something close to modern depictions? Let’s see……….

Like all Yowie models, this is small, measuring a mere 2″ long and 1.3″ high, better used as a youngster for the few other figures made of this species. The pose is fairly chilled, as if browsing, and the head features 360° rotation, meaning there is a little variety to posing this little fella. The colour is mainly a light brown, almost ginger, which matches certain modern marsupials, such as Red Kangaroos, so a fitting choice.

As a now older model, accuracy is hit and miss. The trunk is good, providing the animal did have one based off the rostrum, and the overall proportions are there. The problem is the out of date nature of the figure, as it had flat feet rather than the more ground sloth like open hands seen in aborigine art work (presumably when there animals were very rare). Not terrible, but could be better.

This is a nice little figure of an under made species, one I would love to see more of. For now, this and the Play Visions models are all we have, though neither easy to find. I recommend eBay for this cutie, and I do feel it is worth considering at the very least,

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