New Zealand Grayling (Forgotten Friends Series A by Yowie)

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Across the globe, fish populations are under threat as a result of human expansion, altering the environment to suit us. From the Yangtze to the Atlantic, aquatic populations are struggling. This has led to many extinctions, such as the subject of this review: the New Zealand Grayling (Prototroctes oxyrhynchus). Once an abundant member of the rivers of New Zealand, this salmon relative was overfished by Europeans, habitat destroyed and outcompeted by trout introduced. The fish has been made into a figure only by Yowie, so we shall review it!

Onto the figure itself! The colours match the animal quite well, if a little over done with the yellow, though this is a kids toy. There is a slight bend in the tail, with a little movement in the head and tail, though not enough to alter it’s poise. It measures 3″ long, 1.2″ high and a mere 0.5″ wide, so a little big for most lines.

To accuracy! It’s not bad, but altered in many ways to fit for a kids line. The dorsal fin is a tad more squared than it ought, and the pelvic fin too small. The face doesn’t seem quite right to me either, but otherwise very good.

This is the only figure of the New Zealand Grayling that is out (that I am aware of), so if you want one, you have little other choice, and I do feel it should be picked up. Though it has a few issues, I ultimately feel it is worth getting, whether for the rarity or for the lesson it teaches, the issues of imperialism and the introduction of invasive species, and the destruction it brings.

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