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News: Upcoming release from Eofauna (New for 2024)(Update)

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Eofauna announced earlier today that production of their Tyrannosaurus SUE figure is at last complete and that it is en route to their warehouse with a projected arrival date of May. Check out the detail in that huge and lethal mouth. Better than the usual straight pink that we’re accustomed to seeing in theropod mouths.

News: Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2024)(Pt. 3)

4.4 (20 votes)

Haolonggood has released a most exciting teaser image of upcoming products. Check it out!

They have not officially released any names, but the genera appear to be:

Top row, left to right: Mamenchisaurus, Huayangosaurus, Amargasaurus, Camarasaurus, Tarchia.

Middle row, left to right: Gastonia, Euoplocephalus, Maiasaura, Stegosaurus, Edmontosaurus.

News: Announcing… the Animal Toy Blog!

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It has taken more than a decade but last week we launched the Animal Toy Blog, a sister site to the Dinosaur Toy Blog. The focus there, of course, is on extant creatures: those living today.

There are currently six regular reviewers headed by bmathison1972, and the site already has a dozen reviews published, plus many more in the pipeline.

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News: Reviews updated with new photographs

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This is a quick announcement to inform everyone that several reviews have now been updated with new walkaround photographs, these are:
Amargasaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

Giganotosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

Dilong (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

Parasaurolophus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

News: Announcement – Dinosaur Toy Forum

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The Dinosaur Toy Forum – the official forum of The Dinosaur Toy Blog – was launched this month as a place for dinosaur toy collectors and enthusiasts to share and discuss their collections and to talk about dinosaur toys in general. Please feel free to browse the posts and we look forward to you joining in the discussions!

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