Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2024)(Pt.9)

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And here they are, Haolonggood’s Stegosaurus trio! And lest anyone point out that Stegosaurus toys are already aplenty, note that these are S. ungulatus, not the usual S. stenops. S. ungulatus was the larger of the two and had taller and narrower plates.

All three versions look fantastic, but my own favourite is “Sun Li.” I really like the blue-tipped plates and how the body is half blue and half red.

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  • Not sure I will get this. It’s technically a different species that Safari’s ‘Sophie’ Stegosaurus, but not sure I need >1 species of a dinosaur genus.
    If I was to get one, I prefer the last color (greenish with orangish plates). The others, the blue is too vibrant for me.

  • Isn’t this design somewhat out of date now? Currently Stegosaurus is thought to have had a much flatter, less arched back, isn’t it?

    • Stegosaurus ungulatus has proportionally longer hindlimbs than Stegosaurus stenops, which might result in a more arched back.

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