Nothosaurus (Margarinefiguren by Wagner)

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In my former review of the Wagner/Shreddies Pareiasaurus I announced some unusual species choices. Did I promise too much when I now introduce to you their Nothosaurus?
Nothosaurus was no dinosaur. Its name means “false lizard”, unfortunately I do not know which circumstances this name refers to. Nothosaurus probably had a lifestyle similar to today´s seals. this semi-oceanic animal is an extinct genus of sauropterygian reptile from the Triassic period, approximately 240-210 million years ago, with fossils being distributed from North Africa and Europe to China. It is the best known member of the nothosaur order. It was about 4 metres (13 ft), with long, webbed toes and possibly a fin on its tail.
This lovely little vertu is a strange depiction of Nothosaurus. It looks backwards and seems to have espied something – a predator, a rival or maybe a mating partner? Whatever it is, Nothosaurus seems to gnarl at it. I deduce this from the position of the lips which reveal the teeth. The snout looks funny somehow. Its turned upwards, as if the little Nothosaurus had run against a window glass.


Both neck and tail are bent in an unnatural way, most probably to make the animal fit to the base. Painting or depicting prehistoric animals with bent necks and tails was quite usual in the fifties and sixties, ask the sauropods, they know what I´m talking about. All the little details make it loveable, although it s
What I wrote for the other Wagner Margarinefiguren I reviewed so far is valid for this little guy as well: It´s a nice, antique figure delighting both lovers of old little figures and collectors of somewhat remote lines. And collectors who like unusual species, I might add.

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