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Review: Sabre-Toothed Cats (Playmobil)

4 (6 votes)
For ages, the sabre-toothed cats have been the top predators in their ecosystem. But now humans have appeared on the scene, and what they lack in brute strength, they make up for in cunning and intelligence!

Rounding out Playmobil’s prehistoric megafauna is this the menacing pair of sabre-tooths, clearly belonging to the Smilodon genus.

Review: Cave Bear (Playmobil)

4 (8 votes)
Two brave hunters are stalking one of the mightiest of beasts: the cave bear. They are armed with their best stone weapons, but will those be enough against the bear’s great strength, teeth, and claws?

The Playmobil cave bear(Ursus spelaeus) measures about 10.5 cm long and is medium brown in colour with black eyes, a red tongue, and white teeth.

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Jurassic Park 3: Re-Ak A-Tak by Hasbro)

1.8 (17 votes)
Review and photographs by Jordan Bestwick, edited by Plesiosauria.
For my first ever post for Dinosaur Toy Blog, I was not sure what to review. But with Jurassic World having recently come out and seeing some great previous reviews of toys in the Jurassic Park series, I eventually decided to start with one of my favourites when I was a child.

Review: Woolly Mammoth and Baby (Playmobil)

4.7 (9 votes)
In 2011, Playmobil’s Stone Age line took its fans to the ancient world of cave people and prehistoric beasts. And just as you can’t have a dinosaur line without T. rex, you can’t have a Pleistocene megafauna line without Mammuthus primigenius, the iconic woolly mammoth.

Review: Deinonychus and Velociraptors (Playmobil)

2.7 (13 votes)
The Velociraptor pack has come across an unguarded nest of eggs. But a hungry Deinonychus has also found the nest, and he’s not in the mood to share!

The Playmobil Deinonychus is a small figure, standing only up to 9 cm tall and measuring 14 cm long.

Review: Stegosaurus (Playmobil)

4.5 (13 votes)
Another all-new animal in the 2013 Playmobil Dinos line is the famous Stegosaurus. This one is a mother whose eggs are about to hatch, but she’d better keep a close eye on that hungry crocodilian who lives nearby!

This version of the “roofed lizard” measures 23 cm long from nose to tail tip and stands just over 11 cm tall at the tip of its plates.

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Review: Dimetrodon (Playmobil)

3.9 (11 votes)
Much to the delight of fans, Playmobil brought back its dinosaurs line in 2013. Although most of the prehistoric creatures were recolours from 2007, there were some new ones as well. These included the familiar and ferocious Dimetrodon.

The Dimetrodon measures a good 17 cm long and is 9 cm tall including the sail.

Review: Triceratops (Playmobil)

4.5 (10 votes)
A Triceratops and her baby are munching on yummy plants. Suddenly the mother senses that something is wrong. Quickly she leads her baby to safety as the nearby volcano begins to rumble!

Playmobil’s version of the número uno ceratopsid measures 23 cm long and stands 9 cm tall at the hips.

Review: Brachiosaurus (Playmobil)

3.6 (14 votes)
The ground is shaking. Is it an earthquake? No, it’s just Brachiosaurus! This gentle giant is hungry and looking for his favourite fruit tree.

Not surprisingly, the Brachiosaurus is HUGE. It stands nearly 27 cm tall and measures 51 cm long, making it the largest animal figure in any Playmobil line.

Review: Indominus Rex (Electronic Chomping Version)(Jurassic World by Hasbro)

2.1 (19 votes)
Review and photos by stargatedalek. Figure available from Amazon.com here and Amazon.co.uk here.
I’ve never done one but recently there has been a craze with “un-boxing videos”, so I decided to give it a shot (minus the video!). From what I can tell this is the first of this sort of review on the blog so first time all around.

Review: Allosaurus (Jurassic World Basher and Biters by, Hasbro)

1.3 (16 votes)
Available from Amazon.com here and Amazon.co.uk here.

Big Al had a lot of early success in films starring in the lead role of predatory dinosaur.  It first appeared in celluloid for the 1925 film, The Lost World.  That Allosaurus was based on the artwork of Charles R.

Review: Indominus Rex vs. Gyro Sphere (Jurassic World by Hasbro)

1.7 (17 votes)
Review and photos by Dinomike. Figure available from Amazon.com here and Amazon.co.uk here.
*Disclaimer: “Indominus Rex“ is not a real dinosaur. It is a fictional genetically modified hybrid dinosaur created for the Jurassic World franchise.*
Jurassic World will be exploding onto screens in less than a month and many of us dino nuts are shaking in anticipation!

Review: Velociraptor “BLUE” (Jurassic World by Hasbro)

1.5 (13 votes)
Velociraptor is one of the best known dinosaurs in the world, and it owes its popularity to Jurassic Park.  On screen, it is a cunning and deadly foe that is smart, fast, social, and hunts in groups so it can lay traps for its quarry.  In reality, it was small 3ft dinosaur from Mongolia that had feathers. 

Review: Ankylosaurus (Jurassic World by Hasbro)

1.7 (19 votes)
For better or worse, Jurassic World toys are upon us. And while most of them, frankly, look worse to me, the iconic Ankylosaurus looked somewhat better.

This “fused lizard” measures 16 cm long and is just under 13 cm tall including the raised tail. Main colours are raw umber and khaki with black and brown eyes, a pink mouth, flat brown for the spots and the JW logo on the left thigh, and red and white for the seemingly obligatory and always silly permanent wound on the left flank.

Review: Spinosaurus (The Lost World: Jurassic Park by Kenner)

3 (7 votes)
For over a century, the paleontologists and museums were the guardians of knowledge concerning beasts from the paleo world. Before the dark times…before Jurassic Park. Ok, so maybe not the dark times, but the fact remains that many in the general public owe their knowledge of dinosaurs due to what they learned in Jurassic Park.
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