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Upcoming releases from REBOR (New for 2023)

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The dire wolf (Aenocyon dirus) is one of the most famous prehistoric mammals, yet unlike the woolly mammoth or the Smilodon, it most certainly doesn’t boast a great many action toys or figurines or statues to its name. REBOR is going to improve that status somewhat with the release of two 1:11 scale versions of the cutthroat canine.

Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt. 2)

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Still more images of 2024 Jurassic World toys have shown up online!

Danger Pack.

Craterosaurus. To my knowledge, this is the very first toy of the European stegosaur.

Kileskus. The diminutive Russian tyrannosauroid is also receiving its very first toy.

Gigantic Trackers.

Triceratops. Looks kind of like a turtle with all that plating.

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