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Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2012)

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Ah CollectA, what did we ever do without you?  CollectA have pushed out the boat once more with another bona fide bonanza of new figures for us in 2012. Their massive line up of 21 new sculpts will add considerable taxonomic diversity to their ranks, but more than that, CollectA has raised its game with a clear increase in quality to match quantity.

Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2014)

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So, CollectA have done it yet again! They’ve announced more 2014 figures than you can shake a cycad leaf at. So, as has become dinotoyblog tradition, let’s summarise the news here for posterity. The 12 new prehistoric critter models being released by CollectA this year, are, in alphabetical order:




Ichthyovenator with fish


Quetzalcoatlus with baby sauropod


Stegosaurus corpse


Tyrannosaurus juvenile


Some of these look smashing, but I’ll reserve commenting on these figures until they are released and reviewed properly on the dinotoyblog.

Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2017)

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CollectA’s exciting line up for 2017 includes one ‘supreme’ model, four ‘deluxe’ models, and five standard models, so their relentless trend of releasing bucket-loads of new dinosaur toys each year continues! CollectA’s categories refer to their scale: ‘deluxe’ models are larger and more detailed than standard models, and the ‘supreme’ models are larger still.

Upcoming releases from LEGO (New for 2023)

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LEGO is marking the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park with five new sets based on scenes from the film, including the first ever Brachiosaurus figure. These are all slated for release on June 1.

Velociraptor Escape. Don’t rightly recall Ellie ever driving an ATV.

Dilophosaurus Ambush. Looks like the arrow sign can actually spin.

Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2023)

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Earlier this week, we saw the reveal of the very retro-looking Electronic Real Feel Tyrannosaurus rex. Now check out its packaging, which is similarly a homage to the original 1993 Jurassic Park packaging by Kenner.

Also newly revealed are three additional Classic ’93 products. First is the Tactical Claw Pack with Alan Grant, a Gallimimus, a juvenile Velociraptor, and a bunch of accessories.

Upcoming releases from Papo (New for 2012)

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Up until about a week or so ago I was intending to lump the modest parade of new 2012 figures by Safari Ltd, Papo, and other non-CollectA companies, into a single post. That was before the slow trickle of anticipated 2012 releases from these companies swelled to a veritable torrent , almost, but not quite, matching the army of  figures CollectA has in store for us next year.

Upcoming releases from Playmobil (New for 2023)

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Images of Playmobil’s 2023 Dino Rise line have appeared online, but disappointingly, all the prehistoric animals are repaints of previously released moulds, most of which have been in production since 2007. They still look like they’ll be fun to play with, however!

Tyrannosaurus rex.




Dimorphodon and Velociraptor.

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