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Upcoming release (potentially) from Mattel (New for 2023?)

3.1 (77 votes)

Mattel Creations has revealed “The Gates,” a very large, very elaborate Hammond Collection set combining elements of both Jurassic Park and The Lost World. We have the bull/buck Tyrannosaurus rex, retooled and repainted from the HC T. rex, we have Lex and Tim Murphy, we have an ill-fated goat, six dinosaur sign posts, a Ford Explorer XLT with a detailed interior, sections of electric fencing, and the iconic gates with electronic lights and sound.

Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 2)

4.7 (60 votes)

Move over, PNSO, because two new dinosaurs from Haolonggood have been revealed! First up is the Early Cretaceous stegosaur, Wuerhosaurus, in two distinct colour schemes. Both look attractive and realistic, and the sculpting is impressive, particularly the ragged edges on the plates.

And second is Pachyrhinosaurus, also in two colour schemes.

Upcoming release from Hasbro (New for 2023)

3.2 (43 votes)

Following up on last year’s Tyrannocon Rex vs JP93 set, Hasbro has revealed a second Jurassic Park-inspired Transformers Collaborative two-pack. Behold the vicious Decepticon Dilophocon vs the mighty (or perhaps not so much) Autobot JP12!

As you can see, Dilophocon transforms from a venom-spitting, frilled Dilophosaurus to a robot warrior armed with a heavy laser blaster.

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