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Acrocanthosaurus (FameMaster)

3.4 (12 votes)
Review by “DinoLord”
Acrocanthosaurus was a theropod that lived in the Early Cretaceous, in what is now Texas and Oklahoma. Its most distinctive feature is the tall neural spines that run down its back. These most likely supported large muscles, like in present day bison. Of the few Acrocanthosaurus figures out there, the FameMaster version is one of the better ones.

Spinosaurus (Famemaster)

2.2 (10 votes)
Since the release of Jurassic Park 3, Spinosaurus has become one of the most popular and infamous dinosaurs. However, there are still relatively few figures of Spinosaurus and even fewer good ones. The Famemaster 4D puzzle is one of the more reasonable ones.

The Famemaster Spinosaurus has the long snout and tall spine typical for this species but there are various features absent in the figure – there is no hallux (innermost digit on the foot), one of the hand claws should be larger, and the snout and teeth (the mouth is open) are rather generic in shape.

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