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Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 11)

Two dinosaurs in a running pose on a forest background

4.7 (30 votes)

Now here’s something a lot of collectors, myself included, have been craving for a long time: a high quality figure of Megaraptor!

As usual, Haolonggood is offering this terrific tyrannosauroid in two different colour schemes.

My only concern is its stability, as the right leg appears to be balancing on just the tip of one claw.

Upcoming release from CollectA (New for 2024)

Dearc pterosaur toy new from CollectA side view, perched on a rock against a blue sky backdrop.

4.4 (29 votes)

CollectA’s first 2024 reveal is their 1:3 scale take on Dearc (pronounced “jark”), a Middle Jurassic rhamphorhynchine discovered in Scotland. Named and described in 2022, it had an estimated wingspan of up to three metres and was the largest flying creature of its time.

The head appears to have been inspired by the northern gannet.

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