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Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2023)

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Earlier this week, we saw the reveal of the very retro-looking Electronic Real Feel Tyrannosaurus rex. Now check out its packaging, which is similarly a homage to the original 1993 Jurassic Park packaging by Kenner.

Also newly revealed are three additional Classic ’93 products. First is the Tactical Claw Pack with Alan Grant, a Gallimimus, a juvenile Velociraptor, and a bunch of accessories.

Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2017)

4.2 (5 votes)
CollectA’s exciting line up for 2017 includes one ‘supreme’ model, four ‘deluxe’ models, and five standard models, so their relentless trend of releasing bucket-loads of new dinosaur toys each year continues! CollectA’s categories refer to their scale: ‘deluxe’ models are larger and more detailed than standard models, and the ‘supreme’ models are larger still.

Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2017)

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This month Safari Ltd excited us all by announcing a bumper lineup of 13 new prehistoric creatures scheduled for release over the coming months. Feathers play a key part of the story with five of the new dinosaurs sporting up-to-date plumage, including some very familiar species. Close observers have also pointed out a notable overlap with species previously portrayed by Safari Ltd in their recently discontinued Carnegie Collection.

Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2016)

3.7 (3 votes)
Despite the sad retirement of their long-respected and trend-setting Carnegie Collection this year, Safari Ltd have shown no signs of slowing down with their other major prehistoric animal line – Wild Safari. The company has five brand new for 2016 prehistoric animal sculpts in the pipeline: four dinosaurs and one marine reptile.
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