Parasaurolophus (Hammond Collection by Mattel)

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Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy

Hello once again! I am so excited to share this dinosaur figure with you! I have been waiting for well-articulated Jurassic Park series figures for a long time and we finally have them! We did get some with the Amber collection, but they had some issues that really turned me off. They were too big in scale, there were endless repaints of the same Velociraptor, and there were distribution problems which made it virtually impossible to find some figures such as Dilophosaurus, whose current prices on the secondary market makes them almost impossible to acquire. I will not be missing the Amber collection line, and I will not miss the 6 inch multiverse size humans, which were nice, but no friends of mine. I bought the Hammond Collection Parasaurolophus on sight, and let me show you why.

The box is very striking, somewhat reminiscent of the Amber collection figures, but the dinosaur is mostly obscured by a raised glossy black skull of the famous JP T. rex mascot. A leftover from the Amber Collection is John Hammond standing in front of his famous cane’s amber head, but remember, this is the Hammond Collection.

The back of the box features a photograph of the figure showcasing the articulation, the logo from The Lost World, and a still from the movie, which reads:

PARASAUROLOPHUS. The massive Parasaurolophus is captured by InGen on Isla Sorna–but not without a fight.

I really did like the package, to be honest. A little less fight and a little more spark.

This figure feels like an upgrade of the original electronic figure from Kenner. Standing 7 inches tall at its maximim height and 11.5 inches long, this is a great, highly articulated, very well done figure that should be in every JP lover’s collection! It has 13 points of articulation including its jaws, ball-jointed tail, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. This might be the most articulated JP figure I own so far, not counting humans.

It comes with the typical Parasaurolophus colors from the movies: a light beige body, burgundy crest, brown stripes, pinkish spine, and lots of little paint app details sprayed throughout. It’s very well painted, but it does lend itself to a simple coloration. The figure can be posted walking bipedally or on all fours.

“The one with the pompadour! ELVIS!”
*sad music plays*

Here it is with two of the other mainline JP/JW figures, and it scales excellently with them. If anything I feel like the tail is a bit too short.

After having an in-depth look at the figure, I must say that some of its new features actually take away from the figure looking exactly like Crash McCreery’s artwork, which the Kenner version has already achieved.

My favorite thing about this figure is that it pairs well with any scale, except for the six inch Amber multiverse scale. Works well with 1/18, 1/23, and 1/30.

And there you have it, folks. Those are my final thoughts on the Hammond Collection Parasaurolophus. But we have not discussed the very best feature about this figure: it costs just $19.99 US.

All that detail and articulation and great scale for $19.99? I will forgive its misgivings such as the clown feet and the comically short tail with a price tag like that!

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Comments 4

  • miles too small. Given the popularity of Parasaurolophus, it deserves a larger figure.

  • The puffy looking cheeks is the only real turnoff for me with this toy. Aside from that, it’s splendid. Makes me happy I never got the mainline toy and makes me feel like I no longer need to seek out the Kenner toy.

  • It’s definitely a shame Mattel has gone backwards on the tail design for this figure (look how robust the regular version’s tail is!), but otherwise it looks like this will be another worthwhile purchase.

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