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Since they first started producing tube sets back in 2015, CollectA has covered a pretty decent variety of prehistoric life, wild animals, sea creatures, and farm stock. In 2021, they went back to the beginning with a third dinosaur (mostly) set consisting of ten figures, all based on previously released toys.

First we have this elfin Alamosaurus. Measuring around 8.5 cm long and 5.5 cm tall, it is sculpted in a walking stance with its head and tail turned to look to the right. Main colour is a shade of reddish-brown with light brown wash applied everywhere except the underbelly and lower legs. The eyes are glossy black and the soles of the feet are dull brown. A row of triangular spines runs down the length of the vertebrae and the skin has a scaly texture. The limbs are thick and tree-like, which add to the overall bulky appearance of this sauropod. However, it’s a far cry from the current favoured intepretation of Alamosaurus, with the head being the wrong shape, the neck being too short and too skinny, the torso being the wrong shape, and there being no indication of protective osteoderms.

I don’t own the original CollectA Alamosaurus, so this will have to do!

Second is a bijou Argentinosaurus measuring 10 cm long and just over 6 cm tall. Its main colour is light brown with an even lighter shade for the underbelly, dark brown stripes, and glossy black eyes. It is posed standing majestically with its head raised as high as it can go and its tail held out stiff and straight. The skin features large osteoderms instead of scales and very small spines running down the vertebrae. Definitely the better sauropod of the two in this set.

Third is a downsized Guidraco. It is sculpted in a standing pose with its head turned sharply to the right, making it a mirror image of the legendary Supreme version. From its hands to its wingtips, it measures a little over 5 cm long and 5 cm tall. Main colours are black and medium grey with orange for the hands and feet, glossy black eyes ringed by light grey, a dark red bill lined with large, lethal-looking teeth, and a splash of light orange on the crest (no colourful candy striping at this size, apparently!). The body is covered in thin pycnofibres and the wings have soft creases. Pretty good, I’d say!

Fourth is an infinitesimal Iguanodon. It is coloured a nice, leafy green with pale yellow for the underbelly, brown airbrushing on the hands and feet, black markings, a dark grey beak, and glossy black eyes. It is posed in a walking stance just like the magnificent Deluxe version and boasts very impressive sculpting, with a fine bumpy skin texture and visible scales on the hands and feet. Another one of the strongest toys in this set. It measures 8.5 cm long and stands 3.5 cm tall.

Fifth is a meager Mapusaurus. Unlike CollectA’s most recent theropods, it is mounted on a base, which is probably the correct decision for a toy this size, which is 10 cm long and roughly 3.5 cm tall. It is coloured in varying shades of green with a dull yellow underbelly, orange brown ridges, a pink mouth with off white teeth, and glossy black eyes. The sculpting is really quite excellent. The skin is covered in tiny scales with rows of round osteoderms running along the flanks and a row of pointed plates running down the length of the vertebrae. The musculature is also beautifully defined and the Mapusaurus succeeds in coming off as an intimidating predator in spite of easily fitting in the palm of one’s hand!

Sixth is this minuscule Mercuriceratops measuring 6.5 cm long. Its main colour is yellowish brown with sky blue markings on the head and back, grey horns and beak, glossy black eyes, and medium brown filaments running down the rump. It is sculpted in a running pose with both the right front leg and left hind leg extending back, thus making it a mirror image of the bigger version. The skin is covered in fine scales and the nicely detailed head is unmistakably chasmosaurine and features the distinctive squamosals that inspired the animal’s name.

Seventh is a compact Oviraptor. Measuring 5 cm long and 3 cm tall, it is mounted on a base and sculpted with its right leg forward, again contrasting with the regular version. It is also much less colourful, being sandy yellow with faint airbrushed brown on the back, bright orange on the wings and head, bright blue for the crest, and glossy black for the eyes. The sculpting is decent enough, but the hands are proportionally too big and the legs are a bit too chunky.

Eighth is this pygmy Pliosaurus. At 10.5 cm long and 5.5 cm wide at the flipper tips, this is the biggest toy in the tube. It is coloured dark olive green with an airbrushed white underbelly, glossy black eyes, and a dark pink mouth lined with off white teeth. The body is mostly smooth, but there is a fair amount of wrinkles on the neck, back, and flippers. Again it mirrors the big version by having the head turned in the opposite direction. But in one sense, this is the most disappointing toy of the lot as it is identical to the Pliosaurus that was released with the prehistoric marine tube back in 2017. I certainly understand the need for some cost-cutting in this day and age, but still, an original toy would have been much more preferable. But hey, at least now my Deluxe version has twin babies!

Ninth is a teensy Therizinosaurus sculpted in the same defensive(?) pose as the towering Deluxe version. It measures slightly over 6 cm long and stands 5 cm tall. Well, that is when it stands at all. Results will likely vary, but the one that came in my tube tends to topple backward. The sculpting detail is okay, although at this scale, it looks like the Therizinosaurus has triangular blades or flippers extending from its forearms. And whereas the Deluxe version was quite colourful, this one is coloured only in dull light brown and dark green with glossy black eyes. This one is the weakest overall of the ten.

And the tenth and final toy is a shrunken Utahraptor. This ferocious killer is sculpted with its head turned to the left, mouth open, arms waving, and left leg forward. It stands just over 3 cm tall and is 7.5 cm long. It stands very well thanks to its oversized feet and thickened legs, and while the plumage is probably too thin, it’s sculpted rather nicely. The body is medium and light brown while the head is orange with glossy black eyes. The hands are tipped with orange as well. Pity the teeth have been left uncoloured. Definitely not the best toy of the tube, but not bad either.

CollectA’s third prehistoric tube definitely doesn’t contain any “A-list” dinosaurs compared to the previous two, but it’s still a pretty nice assortment, and should be especially appealing to younger fans. You should be able to purchase it from any online store that stocks CollectA. I will also note in conclusion that my hope is that the next tube will either be all pterosaurs or Paleozoic fauna. Either would be nifty.

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