Pteranodon (Playmobil)

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From his perch atop the tree, a Pteranodon sights a fish swimming in a pond. Quickly he spreads his wings, swoops down, and snatches it in his bill!


It’s virtually unthinkable for a dinosaur toyline not to have at least one pterosaur and Playmobil has gone with that most familiar of flyers, Pteranodon. This one measures 12 cm long and has a wingspan of 24 cm. Its body is light grey with a bright orange head, blue eyes, and blue wings.


Aside from the short and rounded bill (clearly a safety precaution), this is a reasonably accurate representation of a Pteranodon. The mouth can open and grip items and the neck and hind limbs are articulated. As well, the hands and the feet can grip Playmobil accessories or a perch. The wings are made of soft plastic, further ensuring that the toy is safe for young ones


The Pteranodon‘s companions/prey items are an orange snake, identical in sculpt to the one that comes with the T. rex and Velociraptors, and a silver fish. Just the thing to satisfy a hungry pterosaur.


The playset consists of a small deciduous tree atop a mound of green. The tree has three large, leafy branches and a couple of short branches that act as perches. Due to its wingspan, however, the Pteranodon can only be mounted on the uppermost perch. The leafy branches each have two tiny posts for attaching blossoms, insects, or small bird figures. There’s also a patch of tall grass near the foot of the tree for the snake to hide in.


While not as impressive as the larger sets, the Playmobil Pteranodon should prove enjoyable for fans of all ages.


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