T. rex Tower (Jurassic World by Lego Duplo)

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“How do you do, fellow dinosaur lovers? Dr. Bella Bricking and Beth Buildit here once again to bring you another prehistoric review from the land of Lego. This one is particularly special, as it is our first Duplo review! Duplo, as many of you know, is geared towards children ages 1 1/2 to 5 years of age, and as such consists of bricks twice the height, width, and length of standard Lego bricks. This ensures both easy play and safety. To mark this occasion, I have asked Beth to bring along her adorable little niece, Bronwyn!”

“Doc, somehow I get the sinking feeling my sister won’t like this!”

“Nonsense, Beth, Bronwyn will be perfectly safe with us! Just look at what we’re going to be reviewing today: T. rex Tower! This is the larger of two Jurassic World-themed sets in the 2018 Duplo line. Come, let us open the box and introduce your niece to what’s inside!”

“Well, this certainly is the least scary-looking dino we’ve come across, Doc. This chunky critter, which is an all-new figure for 2018, is around 11.5 cm tall and 18 cm long. It’s decked out in bright orange and yellowish-orange with dark red stripes and black and yellow eyes. Definitely an eyecatcher for any toddler!”

“Scientific accuracy is certainly not a priority on this toy, Beth. The digits lack claws and the mouth boasts a grand total of four rounded teeth. Still, the oversized head and feet and the stumpy tail give this T. rex a decidedly safe and child-friendly appearance. For certain it is less intimidating than the last Duplo T. rex. Small indentations on the muzzle serve as nostrils and four studs on the back allow you to attach Duplo bricks or figures.”

“Duplo bricks or baseplates can also be attached to the soles of the feet, Doc. And naturally, the upper jaw is hinged for chomping action! Like you said, it’ll never win any paleontology prizes, but little ones will definitely love playing with it. That’s what really counts with dinosaur toys like this.”

“Absolutely right, Beth. And here are other parts of this set that children will enjoy playing with. Owen Grady has already been depicted as a minifigure, but here he is now as a larger Duplo figure. His accessory is an oversized phone depicting a map of Isla Nublar on the screen (as any kind of weapon would not be appropriate in a Duplo set) and his vehicle is a large blue truck complete with a red jerrycan.”

“Very cute, Doc, very cute. Bronwyn seems to be enjoying this outing so far. For both our sakes, I hope it stays that way!”

“Of course it will, Beth, of course it will! Now, we just need to assemble the titular tower . . . I say, aren’t you going to assist me?”

“Ohhh, I’d love to, Doc, but what kind of auntie would I be if I missed Bronny’s feeding time? There you go, lil’ pumpkin.”

“. . . not cricket, Beth.”

“Oh, chill out, Doc, it’s not like you needed instructions! Look what a swell job you did! Pretty basic as far as lookout towers go, really. There’s a space up top where Owen can sit and keep an eye on things, plus a handy dandy adjustable ladder for him to climb up and down. I’m guessing the big high voltage signs means the white fence in front is supposed to be electrified, although I reckon it’s way too short to keep in that T. rex!”

“Astute observations, Beth. And what do you think of all this, Bronwyn?”

“Abwabwabwabwa. Ahhhaaa. Da da da. *burp*”

“That’s my niece!”

“Well, fellow dinosaur lovers, I hope you enjoyed this review. Like all Duplo sets, T. rex Tower is aimed primarily at preschool children, and I believe it succeeds very well in that regard. The T. rex is undeniably adorable and fun to play with, as are the Owen figure, the vehicle, and the accompanying tower. We’ll have to do this again sometime soon, Beth! I told you this would be perfectly safe for little Bronwyn!”

“And on that note, Doc, we need to get her down for her nap! Later, folks!”

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  • Nice review, as with all entrances of B&B and I especially like the last photo 🙂

    I am biased on my opinion about that set however… and in no way positive. As a long term fan of Lego and Duplo (40 years+) I despise Lego’s late attempts to bring several big franchises into ever younger kid’s rooms, especially franchises that are not approriate for children that age regadring their contents (Spiderman, Batman, JW). Also I feel a deep hate for those Duplo figures that were released since the early 2000’s with their weirdo hips and the smashed in faces. Duplo once offered a great, lifelike and educational toy world….. aww. the times….

    • With reviews like these, I keep trying to put myself in the mind of a four year old or younger. I think this set succeeds well for its target group. My son certainly enjoys chewing on the T. rex!

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