Tasmaniosaurus (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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When most will think of extinct animals on the islands of Tasmania, they will think of the Thylacine. While it is very famous, there are, of course, many other extinct creatures that are worthy of note.One such example is Tasmaniosaurus, one of the most complete Triassic reptiles found in Australia. An ancient archosauromorph, it was made into a model by Yowie. Let’s see how they did!

As with many Yowie figures, this is pretty small, being 2.9″ long and 0.4″ high, though not a bad thing for an animal the reached just over four feet long. The colour is a mix of greenish grey and yellow marks, with nice white teeth, working well for a predator. The pose is good, with a tail swish, though the model has a bit of a wiggle by moving it’s tail or head.

The fossil record for this species is fairly complete, so accuracy is easier to gauge than other Yowie models. It’s not too bad, the body being pretty good and the head well moulded, if a little sloppier due to being in a cheaper, build-yourself set. The legs seem a little short and the tail a little long, plus should be standing more upright than it is, though this is an older figure, so it’s forgivable.

This is quite a nice little figure, with interesting moulding, in spite of cheaper production quality. It is also the only model made of this species, as of this review, so worth picking up. It is out of production, so eBay is going to be your best bet to track it down, though I feel it is worthwhile.

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