Tingamarra Soft-Shelled Turtle (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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I adore lines like Yowie for bringing out models of animals that are comparatively rare in terms of being immortalised in plastic. Animals from the Paleogene and Eocene are rare. Extinct turtle species are rare. And yet Yowie made a figure of an animal that fits both criteria, the Tingamarra Soft-Shelled Turtle. Though it doesn’t list a name for this species (likely due to the fact it had not long been discovered when this model was made), but reading around suggests this to be Murgonemys, as it is a Trionychid from the era listed. Did they do well? Let’s dive in (no pun intended)!

To the figure!! As with most Yowie figures, this is small, measuring 0.6″ high, 2.2″ long and 1.5″ wide, though for an animal that only reached just over 50cm long, this actually works for quite a few lines. It has quite a placid pose, as if moving along a lake bed. It has a little side-to-side wiggle, but it does little to alter the figure’s posability. I really like the colours, the dark greens and yellows matching modern turtles that live in swampy environments, a perfect disguise.

Accuracy is pretty decent, from what material is known. Murgonemys is known from it’s shell (which is how we know it’s a soft shelled turtle) and a few vertebrae, so most the rest is guess work based off modern relatives. The shell certainly matches the leathery nature it should have, and the head works for it’s relatives that live in similar environments, so this works really well.

Yowie can be a little up and down with quality and accuracy, but I have no complaints with this one, and highly recommend it. This is the only mass produced Murgonemys around, so options are low, but I see this as a worthwhile model to add to a collection. It doesn’t disappoint.

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