Tyrannosaurus (1:15 scale version by CollectA)

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Review and photos by Nathan. Edited by Plesiosauria.

Everyone here knows this dinosaur – he’s the king of them all and will eat you up if you don’t show some respect! The dinosaur I’m reviewing is, of course, Tyrannosaurus rex. In particular, CollectA’s 1:15 scale reproduction of this famous carnivore.

tyrannosaurus rex collecta 1 15 scale

As you can see, he is basically an upsized version of CollectAs 1:40 scale Deluxe T. rex, so a lot of elements are shared by his little brother from the Deluxe line. He is mostly green with yellow tinting and bares an open mouth full of pink flesh and clean white teeth. His skin is also heavily detailed with bumps, scales and scutes that cover a majority of his body.

tyrannosaurus rex collecta 1 15 scale

Unlike his smaller brother he comes with a plastic base that’s screwed to his feet, making him one of only two CollectA models that include a base (the other is the tiny Oviraptor). He is also made out of hollow resin whereas his brethren are made of solid plastic. He also presents the same accuracy issues as his brother: his arms (which are pronated by the way) and feet are too big, the crests on his head should be absent, and he needs more musculature in the neck. Other then that, I would say he would be a pretty accurate museum model that you would see displayed next to a T. rex skeleton for show.

tyrannosaurus rex collecta 1 15 scale

If you want a show-stopping piece in your collection, but can’t shell out the kind of cash needed for an expensive resin kit or Sideshow statue, then this Tyrant lizard will do you good – he can average around $100. Even if that’s still too much for your budget, he is still a sight to see among other dinosaur toys, and can be a crown achievement to be obtained in the future.

tyrannosaurus rex collecta 1 15 scale
The 1:15 collectA T. rex towers over the standard and deluxe CollectA figures.

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  • […] and white teeth. This same colour scheme would later be reused for the Deluxe version and the titanic 1:15 scale version. And yes, it also bears a suspicious resemblance to the original Papo T. rex that came out the year […]

  • […] 1:10 scale it is by far the biggest dinosaur model in my collection, and it makes CollectA’s 1:15 T. rex look puny by comparison. [On Amazon the Geoworld kit is listed as 21 inches (=53 cm) long, while […]

  • Just got this model for fathers day. I just love it, for sheer coolness you can’t top it. Anatomical inaccuracies aside, its clear it’s meant to be the one from Jurassic Park, from the head crests, to the posing, which is extremely reminiscent of the iconic entrance in the movie, its simply blows away any of the licensed ones. For a movie fan, this is a dream come true.

  • looking at that last photo makes me cry in nostagia. My CollectA collection has Significantly grown since the time of this review

  • It is a beautiful figure and still very affordable compared to other figures in the same size range. And it’s soon gonna have a triceratops in the same scale (1/15) to play with (or feed on ? :))

  • Besides the pose and the horrendous teeth, this T.rex is pretty cool and it’s size and details really stand out.

  • I red some where that the pose was chosen to help retain its balance, to prevent it from falling over.
    and the Deluxe version was basically a concept for this model.

  • I don’t understand why they put it in such a bad pose.

  • No veo relación de tamaño entre la cabeza y el cuerpo: o la cabeza es demasiado grande o el cuerpo lo han hecho demasiado fino.No tengo nada en contra del Tyranosaurus pero considero que es una réplica repetida hasta la saciedad,parece ser que en 200 millones de años sólo existió este dinosaurio.Espero que se diversifiquen más las réplicas y vayan saliendo ejemplares nuevos,sobre todo con los últimos descubrimientos paleontológicos.

  • Para ser de las primeras creaciones de Collecta no está mal, sin embargo como se apuntó el precio es excesivo.

  • Inaccurate it may be, but like the Papo it benefits from resembling the Jurassic Park creature, making it something of an unofficial Jurassic Park figure; I have the smaller one for that reason. I’ve only ever seen one of these in person and considered buying it, but I was abroad at the time and I didn’t think it would fit in my suitcase!

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