Tyrannosaurus (Field Museum Mold-A-Rama)

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Having technically already been reviewed there really isn’t much new to say about this one. DTF member “Foxilized” reviewed the original back in 2010. For the sake of consistency though I feel compelled to share my thoughts too, I’ve been reviewing all of the current Field Museum Mold-A-Rama figures and it would feel strange not including this one.

I kind of have an obsession with the life-sized Tyrannosaurus that was displayed at the World’s Fair. It’s severally dated by today’s standards sure but it’s still a beautiful reconstruction, and accurate for its time. It’s strong, robust, and imposing, the stuff of nightmares. The head is gigantic and menacing with its pointed brow horns and toothy grin. But we’re not here to review this Tyrannosaurus, but rather its tiny take-home counterpart which sad to say is a far cry from its inspiration.

In general shape and pose it’s fairly faithful, so too is the oversized head. But while the head of that beast was menacing the head on this Mold-A-Rama is, well, goofy looking. The head just sits there atop the neck, I have no idea how the spine attaches to it. Anatomically the head looks more like a frog than the Tyrant King. The attempt is there with the tooth filled grin and even ear and nasal openings present but it still falls a little short. It stands on a base with “Tyrannosaurus rex” stamped on one side and “Field Museum Chicago” on the other. It’s funny that you can get this monstrosity in the same museum that displays Sue, but I’m glad it’s still available at all really.

The body is of course posed as a tail dragger and perhaps more so than other tail-draggers looks very much like a man in a dinosaur costume. The tacked on head doesn’t help but even the legs end up looking more human than theropod. The best thing I can compare it to is the Tyrannosaurus from the 1957 movie “The Land Unknown.” Watch the trailer to see what I mean. Make sure you watch the whole trailer so you don’t miss “the battle of the great stegosauri.”

Overall I find this figure “so bad its good” which is perhaps why I like it just as much as those cheesy old movies it reminds me of. It’s not a very good representation of the World’s Fair Tyrannosaurus but it’s a unique character all its own and worth seeking out for those who have the shelf space to display this oddball.

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