Tyrannosaurus rex (1:5 Scale Female Bust by Chronicle Collectibles)

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Review and photos by Sammy Allouba, edited by Suspsy

Hello, everyone! I have another big piece to share with you all and it’s the 1:5 scale female Tyrannosaurus rex bust by Chronicle Collectibles. Their first ever JP-related piece was a bust of the bull T. rex from The Lost World: Jurassic Park and this piece today is a bust of our beloved Rexy from the original Jurassic Park. While there are similarities, I assure you that the two are different moulds. Let’s get into it.

So off the top, I do like to admire the box art. It shows a commitment to quality and it’s one of those little things I just appreciate when you spend a ton on high-priced collectibles such as these. The box is the same size as the one that housed the bull T. rex bust. Surprisingly, it’s light (at least it was for me) and comes housed in a snug styrofoam casing.

Rexy is not impressed with your rubbish, dear reader. Just look at that smiling face. Joking aside, even though I’ve grown past the angry T. rex look that the JP franchise popularized, she looks exactly as she should. She’s fierce, determined, and will take what she wants. FYI, *no* filters are being used here in this review. It’s important that you see her in natural light, as I know paint schemes on Chronicle’s pieces are always a point of contention.

On to the finer details. Like with the bull, Chronicle no expense and brought our beloved Rexy to life here. She’s bumpy, veiny, toothy, and ready to stare you down. Each tooth is individually serrated as feels thick around, like you’d expect a T. rex tooth to be.

Before we talk about the paint job, I want to mention these photos were taken under the following lighting conditions: single bulb, yellow light, energy-saver. That will affect the color somewhat in these photos. She is coloured green. The close-up shots I’ve seen of the animatronic from the original movie had her in green as well from what I remember, though in some of the daylight shots I swear she has a slight elephantine-brownish look to her. She does match up well with the Breakout T .rex, so I’d say Chronicle got it right.  

In summation, I’m gonna give this Rexy bust a 10/10. I just love her so much. I’m likely also horribly biased of the nostalgia I feel when it comes to the first movie, but she really is gorgeous. I think she looks more menacing than her bull cousin bust and I’m looking forward to having her on my wall! Thanks for reading, everyone.

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