Tyrannosaurus rex (Kaiyodo) (Dinomania Series 1)

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The Dinomania series by Kaiyodo contains small but very detailed and accurate snap-together figures. The Dinomania series is a rerelease – all the figure in this line were originally released as the UHA Chocolasaur DinoTales Series 3. These Kaiyodo figures in their Dinomania guise came packaged in a box so that the species you got was a surprise. In this series, there is a limited number of an unknown mystery dinosaur, not so much of a mystery, however, given that it is featured on every single box. It is the Tyrannosaurus rex. Sorry if that spoils the surprise!

T.rex (Dinomania)

It is sculpted in a rearing posture. The details are nice but obviously hand-painted, the arms are tiny and tucked into the body, and the tail is extermely long (too long), which helps support the figure. I grabbed this, my first Kaiyodo Dinomania figure, in the American Museum of Natural History, New York. I was actually hoping for a plesiosaur but was counter-intuitively disappointed to discover that I was ‘lucky’ enough to have the rare green T. rex. I didn’t dare to splash out on a second box, partly because Sod’s Law dictates that I would get the same figure again, and partly because I’m not sure I could resist the addiction once a small collection was initiated (oh go then, just *one* more). Edit – I eventually acquired the plesiosaur, and a few others, on Ebay several years later.

T.rex (Dinomania)

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