Tyrannosaurus rex (Paleo-Creatures by Jesus Toledo)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

Once upon a time, back in the year 2016, I was in negotiations with Jesus Toledo AKA Jetoar to create a Tyrannosaurus rex for his Paleo-Creatures line, and it was set to test the waters to see how well large figurines would sell in his line. He started the model before I had a way of paying him, and in the end, I was not able to pay him due to my limitations with online shopping. However, to my surprise, Jetoar released the model anyway, and it has been available on Dan’s Dinosaurs for quite some time, but I never had a chance to purchase it. Until now.

At 13 inches long, and a scale of 1:35, this is a hell of a beast, one that towers over other figures I currently have from this line. In terms of accuracy, this model has some issues, but they are nowhere near as severe as on some toys you can find on the market. The first issue I can see with this figure is that that the arms seem a bit on the large side, though I imagine that smaller, more delicate arms would have been a nightmare to produce. The model also has oversized feet, though they’re nowhere near as big as those on some T. rex toys. Moving on to the positives, the model does have the animal’s signature binocular vision. The skull is sculpted to look like that of the real deal and does not appear to be shrink-wrapped. One of the things that I love about this model is the articulated jaw, which is a specialty for Jetoar’s models. The jaw is not loose like it was on the Torvosaurus (bare in mind, it was not his fault for that issue, and it was present only on my copy). Also, the model does not have as long of a tongue sculpted onto it, and it is located towards the back of the throat. The roof of the mouth does have a series of ridges, but the bottom jaw is completely smooth.

Being a model made in 2016, it was almost a necessity to give this model feathers, and the plumage that Jetoar gave to his replica is very believable. However, as of 2018, there is now some major debate as to whether or not tyrannosaurs like T. rex were feathered to the extant shown on this model. That being said, I still think the model is a work of art, complete with all of its plumage, despite what the science may otherwise dictate. The colors on my copy are not the default coloration. Instead they are colors that I asked Jetoar to surprise me with, and what you see is the result. The scaly parts of the figure are white and the feathered parts are two different shades of earth-like browns. The eyes are painted yellow and the claws are painted grey. Unlike the Torvosaurus, the T. rex does come pre-attached to a base. The base does exactly what a base is supposed to do and that is to keep the model from toppling over. It is shaped like a pill and painted in a teal color, with two racks and a rib bone sculpted onto it.

Overall, despite my negative points, this is still a impressive model of the Tyrant Lizard King, and I’m not just saying that because I had a hand in bringing this model to life. I really think this model is better in person than in photos. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like a good 1:35 Scale model of T. rex. It is a lot more scientifically sound than the Rebor model, and it won’t have the stability issues present on some copies of the Wild Safari model. If you wish to own this model, there are two things you can do to order one. You can simply send a private message to Jetoar on our forum, or order it through Dan’s Dinosaurs.

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