Tyrannosaurus rex (Aurora World)

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Review and photos by Bryan Divers, edited by Suspsy

The Tyrannosaurus rex, which is easily recognizable with its large head, short neck, small arms, and bipedal stance, is my personal favourite dinosaur. This medium-sized plush toy made by Aurora World is a brightly coloured rendition, and very soft. I named her Crystal, after one of my best friends.

Crystal is a rich blue colour with olive-green spots and a speckled light-brown belly. Her eyes are yellow, her mouth is made of dark brown felt, and her teeth are made of stiff white felt. This is nice, as it ensures that the teeth face the right way and aren’t bent backwards. The arms are small and the feet are stitched to form the three toes. The arms, however, don’t seem to have similar stitching to form the fingers. The head is nicely designed, and the gusset (the top of her head) has a dart on the back to form the curve of the head. The gusset narrows in front of the eyes to form the curves over her eyes and the narrowing snout. It also gives her forward-facing eyes, which is a nice touch for a Tyrannosaurus–and one not often present on plush toys of the tyrant king. I also like the speckled belly. The soles of the feet are a dark brown material similar to the inside of her mouth.

This toy might not be as detailed as some people would hope, but I like the simplistic appearance and the bright colouring. Crystal’s plush is extremely soft to the touch. Also, from the Amazon reviews I read before choosing her, I have to say that her workmanship and durability is some of the best, which you can expect from most toys made by Aurora, purportedly the world leader in making plush toys.

In summary, the main good points I’d like to give for this toy are: the colours, head shape, stiff teeth, durability in workmanship, the contrast of the lining of the mouth and teeth, softness, and the detail of the stitching on the feet. That is more than enough to give her five stars in my opinion, even if she seems a bit too whimsical for some collectors. I think we will have a lot of adventures together. She is available on Amazon here.

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