Tyrannosaurus rex (Deluxe version, Procon/CollectA)

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Review and photograph by ‘Tyrannax’. Edited by Plesiosauria.

What a great improvement! So far, we’ve seen countless common and unheard of dinosaur names released by Procon (Now called CollectA), but due to the large amount of toys sold each year from this company, some will claim this affected the sculpt quality. Regardless of sculpts quality, Procon has added flesh to the bone of many uncommon dinosaurs which have never been released before.

Tyrannosaurus rex, undoubtedly the most popular prehistoric animal, has been released time and time again by almost every dinosaur toy company in existence. Procon, like all the other companies, has given this dinosaur a go and released two sculpts a standard version and a ‘Deluxe’ version (The Deluxe version comes in two sizes, normal and ‘Giant’, this review is concerned with the normal sized one). The deluxe is without a doubt “more bang for your buck”. Unlike its smaller counterpart, this tyrant stands 6 inches high, and over 11 inches long, putting it at a pretty impressive size.

Procon Deluxe Tyrannosaurus rex
(Base not included)

The colors of this deluxe figure are green, with a tint of blue overlapping yellow. Running down the length of the body are gray/dark blue stripes. The belly of this figure is pale with a tint of yellow added to it. The eyes are yellow with a black pupil dotted in the middle. The teeth are white (too white when painting a creature that ate other organisms all its life and didn’t keep up with its hygiene). The head of this creature has a dark, black tint to it, distinguishing itself from the rest of the body. The entire mouth including tongue, gums, and jaw connecting tissue is pink.

The sculpt itself is quite nice. The skin, unlike most figures, is extraordinarily bumpy and rough. This feature of the Deluxe Tyrannosaurus adds a lot of detail when observing it. Although “Paleontologist Approved” as the tag says, this figure has a few anatomical errors. For one, the feet are a tad too large, and flat, the legs themselves are a bit too “stubby”, the arms are too large in comparison to its body, the neck isn’t bulky or muscled enough, and the head has a massive, Jurassic Park like crest over the eyes (it is now thought that Tyrannosaurus had little to no crest over its eyes) just to name a few. But aside from the inaccuracies it is one of the best figures for its size. The pose is one of the most conversed among hobbyists for its “Raul Martin” illustration posture – it looks as if it is a female Tyrannosaurus, hunched over during the mating process. It stands nicely on its two flat feet. Unlike most figures, it usually stands with no problem at all. Like we have seen with WwD Toyway and Battat, bipedal theropod toys that cannot stand are common.

All in all, this figure is worth the purchase, and is widely available at many online stores. The size, added with the overall details makes it one of the best and attractive tyrannosaurs on the market. 

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  • […] gold eyes, a pink mouth, and white teeth. This same colour scheme would later be reused for the Deluxe version and the titanic 1:15 scale version. And yes, it also bears a suspicious resemblance to the original […]

  • […] you can see, he is basically an upsized version of CollectAs 1:40 scale Deluxe T. rex, so a lot of elements are shared by his little brother from the Deluxe line. He is mostly green […]

  • I was just thinking, but I think the tail is too thin, and its belly too large.
    The protruding bone under its belly shoud be reversed and pointing forwards.
    Why? Its basic body shape is equal to a lever.
    That means that its tail should act as a counter weight.
    Moreover, if the T Rex would bite it’s prey, weight by push and pull would be added to the front side.
    That’s why I think it’s tail should be massive, in order to maintain functionality.
    Also, it is likely that fat storage in good times would be added to its tail and not its belly, enhancing functionality.
    And I think that the T Rex would slash its tail to the ground when taking a bite off, thereby creating momentum for the counterweight in its tail, transferring this momentum though its spine and neck, so that the meat of it’s victim would be torn out with great force.
    So it must have had a thick neck as well.
    A well, just a thought.

  • I was just wondering if you’d be willing to say in what country the Procon/CollectA line was made in?

    I’m a parent concerned with lead content. I hope the answer helps others as well.

  • Can you take more photos of this figure? In daylight…

  • Good review. Thank you. Glad I found it.

    Yes, the short legs and large feet seem artificially created to make certain the huge bulk of this replica will be balanced and not keel over.

    Regarding the “giant deluxe” model, which I just was sent, this seems especially true. To have a 1:15 dinosaur around feels like I have a new pet, and I’m happy it isn’t falling over all the time, like some of the other smaller ones around here!

  • Looks like it’s mating more than roaring at a car!

  • What a great piece. I swear I saw this piece in the local hobby store the other day, but I can’t be sure. At the moment, it didn’t strike me like it did when reading this post. I’m headed back to the store to pick it up now…wait, I should probably call first 🙂

  • Great review, Tyrannax! I really like this piece alot too. The unique pose really helps make it a stand-out figure in my collection!

    ~ Chuck

  • Thanks,

    I do recommend it. Along with the Agustinia, this Tyrannosaurus is probably the best figure by Procon (CollectA) so far.

  • Very nice review, it reminds me I still have to pick this figure up next time I see it.

  • My personnal opinion is that this piece was instead based off the scene in the first Jurassic Park where the Rex lowers it’s torso and roars after breaking through the fence… 😉

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