Tyrantegosaurus (Predasaurs DNA Fusion by Simba)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

Today I have a figure that probably should not be here given that I openly said that I did not think the Indominus Rex was worthy of a review on the blog. But since the subject is part of a series that consists of nothing but monstrous hybrid dinosaurs that I feared would appear in Jurassic World in some way or another, I decided to give it a go. The Simba Predasaurs line is a series of collectible minifigures that came in blind bags. The first series consisted of normal, run-of-the-mill prehistoric creatures replicated in a very cartoonish style. However, the second series is where the line took a different direction by making it consist of prehistoric creature hybrids that make Indominus Rex look like a generic lizard by comparison.


The second series was called Predasaurs DNA Fusion, and each model has enough teeth to make the Indominus rex green with envy. There are 25 different models in the whole line and each one has a mouth full of nasty glow-in-the-dark teeth, a weapon, and a fancy name. The animals are hybrids of two different prehistoric creatures. The rarest model in the line was a Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus hybrid called a Tyrantegosaurus whose name is Vulltarex. Since he was the rarest model in the entire line, I decided to make him the first of this series to be reviewed.


The figure is small and made out of a pliable rubber plastic, and the anatomical features are greatly exaggerated. The teeth are incredibly oversized, and I have a hard time seeing this guy close its mouth all the way like a normal dinosaur would. Since this is a series that was not meant to be taken seriously, I will not get too critical when reviewing the accuracy of this figure, but just for fun I thought I would point out the fact that it seems like there’s more than just Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus DNA in this guy’s genes. For instance, there are two oversized canines that make it look like it was spliced with the DNA of a Smilodon. This is purely made so the model can look EXTREME!!!! Also, the hands are not your typical theropod hands. Instead, it appears there some DNA of a therizinosaur in this guy’s genes as well (although they are certainly not long enough to be that of Therizinosaurus itself). The back of the model has two rows of plates as well as a thagomizer at the end of the tail. The head of the model is obviously a work of fantasy, but I can see that the Jurassic Park T. rex has somehow influenced its design thanks to the angry crests above the eyes and the overall boxy shape.


Since this guy is the rarest model in the entire line, the weapon he wields was made to be unique. Most weapons in the line were made to look like they were made out of wood and rocks, but this guy’s weapon is made out of gold and silver with a gem embedded in it. The weapons are made to be detachable from the model’s hand, but I decided to permanently glue them to the hands so they will never get lost when I store them.


The colors on this figure are neat in my opinion. The base color is a dark sand color while the back is washed over with blue. The plates and thagomizer are painted red and the teeth are glow in the dark green.


Overall, this figure is recommended for those who don’t mind the concept. It’s not made to be taken seriously and since it was never featured in a motion picture, there’s little chance of parents and kids requesting companies like Papo to make one for their line. If you want one, your best bet is to search on eBay, although a quick glance at the search results shows that finding this particular figure won’t be easy.

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