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Following up on last year’s Tyrannocon Rex vs JP93 set, Hasbro has revealed a second Jurassic Park-inspired Transformers Collaborative two-pack. Behold the vicious Decepticon Dilophocon vs the mighty (or perhaps not so much) Autobot JP12!

As you can see, Dilophocon transforms from a venom-spitting, frilled Dilophosaurus to a robot warrior armed with a heavy laser blaster. Beast Wars Megatron would approve, yessssss.

JP12 meanwhile transforms from an authentic-looking Jeep Wrangler to a robot that bears a striking resemblance to one Dennis Nedry, complete with a laser pistol and a phony can of shaving cream. If their personalities are alike, then I can’t imagine Optimus Prime exactly being thrilled about having JP12 among his troops.

This set is currently available through Hasbro Pulse or Amazon.

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  • I collect Transformers, but I have been let down by dinosaur type Transformers as of late. I have always wanted a Dilophosaur Transformer though, and this one is too goofy not to get.

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