Upcoming release from Mattel (New for 2023)(Pt. 6)

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Mattel’s upcoming Target exclusive Legacy Collection Mamenchisaurus is now listed on the Target website. Looks more like Diplodocus to be honest, but it’ll probably be a popular seller regardless. Who’d have believed five years ago that we’d have so many giant sauropod toys?

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  • yup, it looks like a 1950’s or 60’s Diplodocus. I think i’ll be passing on it. I have the legacy Brach. and Dreadnoughtus; i’m content with those. If Mattel makes a more decent sauropod figure one day i’ll certainly get it but this doesn’t make the cut, imo.

  • …the hell?…. What’s with that tail? If they are bothering to make a huge sauropod, the fourth one they have offered, MIGHT they have, oh I dunno, TRIED? Sheesh. I adore my Brachiosaur, am quite fond of my Apatosaur, and the Dreadnaughtus has become a personality around the house, but THIS? I may pass.

    Can anyone explain this thing? I very well may have missed the current thinking on these animals.

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