Upcoming release from Safari Ltd. (New for 2023)(Pt. 3)

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The diminutive and delightfully unusual South American ankylosaur Stegouros is the latest reveal from Safari Ltd.! This one looks to be a true winner, as anyone ought to expect when the sculptor is Doug Watson. 🙂

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  • Still way too large for my 1/35 collection, though 1/25 would have been acceptable. Maybe Safari will make a toob version someday that will be closer to my scale.

  • I would add a few more photo closeups of that bizarre tail – that is the attraction from my point on view. Weird early armored dinosaur with a specialized extended ‘thagomizer’.

  • Much better size for interacting with other dinosaurs than Collecta’s version, and more detailed to boot. This one will go nicely with my Carnotaurus, Saltasaurus and Montealtosuchus.

  • Safari’s prehistoric lineup might not be abundant this year, but it’s been full of winners so far!

  • No way! This is going to be a STAR in my collection!

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