Upcoming releases from Bullyland (New for 2023)

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Bullyland’s 2023 catalogue has revealed a new prehistoric release: Tyrannosaurus rex. While clearly not in the same league as other recent renditions of the tyrant lizard, it will undoubtedly be fun for younger dinosaur enthusiasts to play with.

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  • There were times when we had great Bullyland figures of prehistoric animals. Their Paratypothorax, Mastodonsaurus, Deinotherium or Edaphosaurus were top notch. I agree with SidB and hope they will return to their glorious days.

  • On a hopeful note, maybe if the company receives some consumer support, they might be encouraged to bring back some of their classic Triassic and Paleozoic figures. That would, of course, be predicated upon Bullyland staying afloat financially.

  • Kind of sad to see how far they’ve fallen. I remember at one point Bullyland was pretty well regarded among the dinosaur collector scene.

  • Anorexic stunted Tyrant Lizard. Egad. I truly miss the old Bully…

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