Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2017)

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CollectA’s exciting line up for 2017 includes one ‘supreme’ model, four ‘deluxe’ models, and five standard models, so their relentless trend of releasing bucket-loads of new dinosaur toys each year continues! CollectA’s categories refer to their scale: ‘deluxe’ models are larger and more detailed than standard models, and the ‘supreme’ models are larger still. On the opposite end of the scale are CollectA’s minis, of which they are also releasing one new set in 2017. So, let’s summarise, starting with the ‘supreme’ and ‘deluxe’ models.

The ‘supreme’ toy this year is a pterosaur, Dimorphodon, which will look great alongside its predecessor the deluxe pterosaur Guidraco. According to Everything Dinosaur this model is 37.5cm long. That makes it not far off a life size 1:1 scale.

CollectA new for 2017

The four new ‘deluxe’ figures are as follows:

Deluxe Kronosaurus. It will be interesting to compare this one with the new Safari Ltd Kronosaurus also being released for 2017. Two Kronosaurus‘ in one year – perhaps this shows that great minds think alike?!

CollectA new for 2017

Deluxe Uintatherium. A great option for fans of prehistoric mammals.
CollectA new for 2017

Deluxe Styracosaurus. One of several new ceratopsians from CollectA this year.
CollectA nw for 2017

The new deluxe Deinocheirus is based on their excellent existing standard toy of this genus.

CollectA new for 2017

The five new standard models represent…

Basilosaurus, and about time too!
CollectA new for 2017

Einiosaurus, another toy that it will be fun to compare with Safari Ltd’s new version (great minds thinking alike again?).
CollectA new for 2017

Excalibosaurus, an ichthyosaur with a swordfish-like snout – a great choice in my opinion!
CollectA new for 2017

Gigantspinosaurus, an unusual stegosaur and another great choice.
CollectA new for 2017

Regaliceratops completes a trio of new ceratopsians from CollectA. The horned dinosaurus seem to be out in force every year!
CollectA new for 2017

Finally, the new set of prehistoric minis is marine creatures, with some interesting choices in the lot, some based on existing standard and deluxe CollectA models, others completely new sculpts.

CollectA new for 2017

All in all, this is another great show from CollectA. For some reason CollectA’s publicity shots seem a little washed out to my eye, as if taken through a mist, which makes them feel drab and does them no favours. I’ve tried to correct this in the above shots, purely for aesthetic reasons, so although the colours may not be quite true to life, at least they are eye-catching. I can’t wait to see the real things!

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  • According to Wikipedia, the Dimorphodon was about a meter long, making the CollectA version closer to 1:3 scale.

    Funny that this batch has 3 animals the same as Safari, and one competing with Papo. Can’t remember a recent year with more than one head-to-head competition (Kentrosaurus one year; Diabloceratops another…)

  • Am i the only one who thinks the contrast is a little high on these photos?

  • Those all look pretty good! Not a stinker among them.

  • This is a fantastic assortment! Can’t wait to get my hands on all of them!

  • I’m most excited for Gigantspinosaurus – yay, stegos! – but all of these look pretty damn enticing.

  • A new allosaurus would have been appreciated.

  • I cannot believe that CollectA’s 2017 dimorphodon is almost LIFESIZE!!
    It will match perfectly Papo’s 2017 Dimorphodon and Rebor’s Punch and Judy; the couple of dimorphordons.
    Can you tell me why do dimorphodons have a curved-like toe at the end of each foot?

  • I find it ridiculous that CollectA has made the same Deinocheirus sculpt but a little bit larger than the 2016 one; it is a waste of money buying the same model but a little bit larger. Really CollectA? CollectA could have done another dinosaur model in the place of the same 2016 Deinocheirus sculpt that is a bit larger than the 2016 one.
    Along this, the other models are breath-taking, like CollectA is focusing on more scientifically accurate dinosaur models, not scaly Jurassic Park monsters, and that is what makes CollectA every dinosaur figurine collector’s favourite brand.
    CollectA makes every year cool looking and quite obscure,unknown ceratopsian dinosaurs. Its trio of ceratopsians for the year 2017 is a clash of awesome-bro looking models.

    • Where did you get the notion that the Deluxe Deinocheirus is only “a little bit larger” than the Standard class one? Do you know what its dimensions are?

    • For you, the deinocheirus is small? It is more than ten centimeters longer and more than five centimeters higher than the standard. Apart from that, it is not necessary to pay much attention to the official dimensions of Collecta because the size varies towards much greater proportions.

      I will break the spear in favor of Collecta, agree that it is a great company but you are too unfair to the deinocheirus model the standard is too small and other than that was demanded by collectors and consumers (especially children) a deinocheirus much larger.

      I do not think the idea is bad and has been one of the biggest wishes of many of the members of the forum in particular (among which I tell myself) to make a much larger model, apart from selling a lot the standard seems to me Very intelligent idea on the part of Collecta, even the exceptional deinocheirus of Safari suffers of small size and considering that it was ornithomimido of a considerable size I understand and I repeat that the decision is the most correct and intelligent.

      I share your opinion about the cerapthósidos that are exceptional but I do not share your complaints because Collecta makes a big dinosaur. In fact we have another example that is the spinosaurus Deluxe of the same brand Collecta that even as the deinocheirus Deluxe varies from its standard figure. I do not think you appreciate your fair case.

  • My opinion on the figures regardless of what is commented in the forums is as follows:

    The dimorphodon Deluxe Supreme is for me a mandatory figure in my case to buy, I think it is more complete and more finished than the guidraco of the same brand.

    The kronosaurus is going to make a good pair with the Safari as mentioned (I do not understand paleontology) has a less perfect head from the paleontological point than the figure of Safari. That does not make it great.

    The uinthaterium is for me one of the most awaited and most valued mammal figures, it is a great addition to the line of prehistoric mammals by Collecta and it is more is the best figure of toy uintatherium that has been made to date me Remember the detailed resin figures and I think I do not overdo it.

    The styracosaurus my opinion about the figure is somewhat of the same as the uintatherium words are over.

    The deinocheirus is all talked about is a copy of the magnificent figure of the same brand this year.

    The XL basilosaurus is a very expected figure in the forum but I would like other color patterns on your body as is the blueness of whales although the gray color also have cetaceans, that I would have liked deluxe size.

    The einiosaurus another figure that will make a great couple with the expected February-March Safari.

    The regaliceratops is a great figure based on paleoartísticas works.

    The excalibosaurus is an avant-garde figure, but its size is what kills it. I would have liked more a shonisaurus or a deluxe temnodontosaurus.

    On the other hand the gigantspinosaurus is the figure for me weaker of the group since it has colors too showy and rebellious and from my point of view is not well finished.

    On the other hand the miniatures of prehistoric marine animals seems fabulous to me. My biggest wish is that in the future some of their figures of fish, archelon and even the cameroceras will be made in a size or standard or preferably deluxe.

    It is a good day to reveal the news of prehistoric animals by dinotoyblog, first of all I congratulate for his magnificent article to plesiosauria of which I am an absolute follower.

    Merry Christmas to all and that Life, Destiny or God according to their beliefs will bring happiness to all members of the forum and all their friends and friends who deserve it

  • Goodness gracious Collecta has such an amazing slate this year! I’m going to have difficulty coming up with the spare cash for them all! I don’t think I can even choose a favorite!

    • For me all the dinosaurs and animals of Collecta 2017 are exceptional and just like you do not know which one to choose as the favorite.

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