Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2024)(Pt. 3)

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CollectA has a new ankylosaur coming out in 2024: a 1:20 scale Deluxe-sized version of Polacanthus, a relatively famous but poorly known English nodosaurid.

At 27.5 cm long and 13 cm high at the tip of its tail, the Polacanthus will rival this year’s Stegouros for the title of CollectA’s largest ankylosaur! It will be available in the middle part of next year.

Another new item is this tube of miniature sauropods, plus a cycad thrown in for good measure. The Argentinosaurus and the Brachiosaurus have appeared in a previous tube, but the other animals are brand new, so to speak. No word yet on when it will be available.

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