Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 2)

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Move over, PNSO, because two new dinosaurs from Haolonggood have been revealed! First up is the Early Cretaceous stegosaur, Wuerhosaurus, in two distinct colour schemes. Both look attractive and realistic, and the sculpting is impressive, particularly the ragged edges on the plates.

And second is Pachyrhinosaurus, also in two colour schemes. While both versions also look good, it might have been even cooler if the species was P. canadensis or P. perotorum for a change instead of P. lakustai again.

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  • Are haolonggood making more dinosaurs bc after there daspletosaurus they haven’t released anything yet so I’m wondering whats up

  • Le seul problème que j’ai avec ce nouveau stegosauridé ce que sa tête n’est pas très bien painte

  • This company hit my radar with their Pentaceratops figure, and I must say these two latest offerings are HIGHLY interesting (despite the admittedly speculative nature of Wuerhosaurus). The Pachyrhinosaur is particularly beautiful, and the color schemes for all 3 “knock it out of the park”.

    At first I was a little put off by the seemingly “over-muscled” look of their ceratopsians, but upon second thought I realize that this reconstruction is as likely to be accurate as more traditional ones.

    I keep thinking back to comments made by Bakker in “The Dinosaur Heresies” about the massiveness of the muscle attachment points on Triceratops bones indicating these animals were MUCH more heavily muscled that today’s large mammals like Rhinos. His Triceratops reconstructions resembled these HAOLOGOOD ceratopsians.

    So now I am actually digging them more with every release. And I will probably pick up these three sculpts.

    Great review – keep ’em coming!

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