Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2024)

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The Jurassic World line shows no indication of slowing down next year. Some of these newly revealed toys are species that have been done before by Mattel, some have been done by other toy companies, and some have never been done before at all.

Danger Pack


Eoraptor vs Stegouros.



Strike Attack





Wild Roar





Gigantic Trackers


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  • The Guaibasaurus is the biggest botch, as most experts consider it to be a basal sauropodomorph, not some generic small theropod.

    • vous avez raison mais il existe des images de guaibasaurus comme un petit theropode je pense que mattel c’est trompé mais ne n’est pas grave car son chômage de peinture est assez intéressant

    • it’s a cool sculpt in my opinion, but yes, massive botch.

    • I mean, the toy could also come off as a herrerasaurid, which was what Guaibasaurus was originally considered to be.

  • Neovenator is horrible, what a shame. Some of the others look OK though. I kind of like the Poposaurus.

    • Le neovenator n’est pas horrible car il est à 90% peint et il y a une assez belle peinture en réalité et sa sculpture est pas mal même si sa tête est imprécis cela ne signifie pas qu’il est horrible

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