Upcoming releases from Schleich (New for 2023)

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For 2023, Schleich will be releasing five dinosaurs, with four of them newcomers to the brand. 






In addition, there will be a demonic-looking Shadow Raptor to go with Schleich’s Eldrador fantasy line.

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  • The more I see the Gasotina, the more it grows on me. It is a really good figure, probably one of the company’s best.

    None of these releases are horrible, which is surprising. Schleich is going places, maybe not among the best, but places.

  • Are kinda acceptable, I guess?
    The Edmontosaurus and Gallimimus are quite good, the Gastonia is ok, Tarbosaurus is just a lazy recolored T.Rex, the Monolophosaurus is ugly, and the dragon raptor thing… no comment

  • The Gastonia isn’t too bad actually, but overall it’s about what I’d expect from Schleich. In a way, they don’t bother me as much as Papo’s offerings do.

  • For Schleich standards, a couple of these don’t look too bad actually. Particularly the Edmontosaurus.

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