Woolly Mammoth (12″)(Douglas Cuddle Toys)

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Review and photos by Bryan Divers, edited by Suspsy

No other prehistoric animal has touched my soul quite like the gentle woolly mammoth. Their gentleness, their ability to love, and yet their tragedy has captivated me since childhood. I have even written a song, “If I Can Reach You In Time,” which puts to music my longing to see and touch a mammoth, and the quest to find mammoth DNA in time to rescue the species from extinction.

Douglas has created two beautiful woolly mammoth toys; I already reviewed the small one in 2016. This one is designated by the company as “Tundra,” but I named mine Elly. Her coat is an orange-toned reddish brown overall, and three types of material make her up, each with different lengths of fur. A short material is used on the lining of her small rounded ears, on the top of her trunk and on its lower end. A material of medium length is used for her face, tail, and legs, and the longest type is used for the top of her head, the main part of her body, and the tuft on the end of her tail.

A dark brown material similar in length to the facial fur is used for the bottoms of her feet and for her toes. Her legs are firm but not hard, allowing her to easily stand when set down on a flat surface. Amber-colored, sweet eyes give her an endearingly feminine look. Elly has the sloping back and curved tusks characteristic of mammoths, small ears and a tufted tail.  Her legs are firm but not hard, so she stands easily. Her body is moderately firm but not overstuffed. This makes her a good friend for take-along when spending a night on the go or on an adventure.

I give Elly a five-star rating; her realism is amazing and I see nothing glaringly inaccurate for which to take away points. The toy might seem a little on the pricey side to some at around $23.95, but for the beauty and exceptional quality I definitely think it’s a fair price. Tundra the woolly mammoth by Douglas is a small treasure that deserves to be prized and loved. She is available at www.douglascuddletoy.comwww.stuffedsafari.com, and Amazon. You might even find her at a store that sells Douglas toys. 🙂

You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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