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Lido-Nabisco Prehistoric Mammals

Started by stoneage, October 08, 2012, 03:33:09 AM

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In the late 50's Nabisco released some Dinosaur Premiums in their Wheat and Rice Honey cereals.  I don't have any of them but I would like to get the Panoplosaurus and Rhamphorynchus.  They were more popular then the the eight Prehistoric Mammals which   came out later, in only silver, in the early sixties.  Later on Frito Lay came out with these same figures in various colors, which are even rarer.  The figures were early inspiration for notables like Phil Curry and Greg Paul.

Woolly Mammoth

Smilodon ( The tail is too long and the fangs are too short.  Looks more like Eusmilus.)

The first toy Macruchenia.

The first toy Brontotherium although the horns are completely off.

The first toy Alticamelus sometimes refered to as Stenomylus.

The first toy Dinohyus.

The first toy Baluchitherium.

The first and only toy Barylambda.


 :D  They're cute!

I haven't read the name 'Baluchitherium' for a while - made me smile and think of older days :).

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