The Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2013


Drum roll please! It’s competition time! This comes a little later in the year than usual, but I’m pleased to announce that The Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2013, sponsored by Safari Ltd, is now open! After our biggest ever turn out in 2012, we are now looking forward to seeing your dioramas for 2013! Of course, we have some great prizes up for grabs again, this year courtesy of our generous sponsor – Safari Ltd!

Tyrant of The Wasteland Jeremy K9
First place winner of the 2012 contest: ‘Tyrant Of The Wasteland’ by Jeremy K9

The rules and regulations for the 2013 contest are as follows:

-Entry is free.

All members of The Dinosaur Toy Forum, including staff, are invited to participate. Non-members wishing to participate are invited to register to the forum, this is free.

-There are no categories. Dioramas have to be about prehistoric organisms (from archaeobacteria to Pteranodon, but it doesn’t matter so long as it is prehistoric!).

-The deadline for entries is August 30th 2013. (Entries received after 00.00 hours GMT August 30th will be invalid.)

-One diorama entry per member.

-Entries must be accompanied by a creative title.

-If you have entered a diorama, you can’t send in another one to replace the first one.

-Dioramas have to be new (never published on the web before), and you must have produced the diorama yourself. Stealing somebody else’s diorama will result in disqualification.

Photoshop is allowed, but the original photograph(s) must be your own.

-Entries will remain anonymous until the winners are announced.

-Entries should be submitted as a .jpg file between 800 and 1000px wide.

-Entries should be sent via email as an attachment to [email protected] The email title should read as follows: “dinosaur diorama contest – [forum username]”, and the email body should include the diorama title.

Winners will be selected by a poll open to all Dinosaur Toy Forum members (there will be no professional judges this year). There will be three winners in first, second and third place respectively (no joint positions). These will be the top three dioramas as selected by the poll. In the event of a tie for any position, a tie-break poll will be created. There will also be three non-prize winning honourable mentions.

-Prizes. A selection of Safari Ltd figures, kindly provided by Safari Ltd, will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners. The prizes will be as follows:

1st Place Prize
The first place winner will receive a total of five Safari Ltd figures and a ‘toob’. Specifically, choice of three of the following Safari Ltd figures, all new for 2013!:

(Prize list 1)
Carnegie Concavenator (new for 2013)
Wild Safari Elasmosaurs (new for 2013)
Wild Safari Diabloceratops (new for 2013)
Wild Safari Gryposaurus (new for 2013)
Wild Safari Dimorphodon (new for 2013)
Wild Safari Gastornis (new for 2013)

…choice of two of the following Safari Ltd figures (prize list 2):
Carnegie Spinosaurus (2009)
Wild Safari Brachiosaurus (# 300229)
Wild Safari Coelacanth
Wild Safari Dracorex
Wild Safari Tapejara
Wild Safari Dunkleosteus

…and choice of one of the following prehistoric ‘toobs’ (prize list 3):

Prehistoric Sea Life Toob
Prehistoric Crocodiles Toob
Prehistoric Sharks Toob

2nd Place Prize
Second place prize will receive four Safari Ltd figures and a ‘toob’. Specifically, second choice of two figures from prize list 1 above, second choice of two figures from prize list 2 above, and second choice of one ‘toob’ from prize list 3 above (i.e choice of those figures remaining after the first place winner has chosen).

3rd Place Prize
Third place prize is three Safari Ltd figures and a ‘toob’. Specifically, those figures remaining from the above lists after the first and second place winners have chosen.

You can see some previous diorama contest entries on the old V.1. forum archive here (2010), here (2009) and here (2008), and the 2012 entries on the Dinosaur Toy Forum here. Check them out for inspiration! Good luck!


Questions and queries can be posted as a comment below, or preferably in the appropriate thread on the Dinosaur Toy Forum (a thread will be created there shortly).

8 Responses to The Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2013

  1. Aaaand… there actually going to be a contest? It’s been over a month since the deadline…

  2. When will the entries be published and when will the voting start?

  3. Porcisanu Robert

    Also,if I happen do win,where wil I recieve my prize?

    • Anyone in the world can apply and prizes will be sent to the winner’s postal address (which we will request only for winners). Good luck!

  4. Porcisanu Robert

    Can I participate if I am outside of the US or UK?

  5. Creo que serán lanzados dentro de poco,probablemente estarán en el mercado antes de 2 meses.Estoy de acuerdo,el Gryposaurus y el Diabloceratops de Wild Safari son buenas piezas para añadir a la colección de cualquier coleccionista este año 2013
    Juan Andrés

  6. Qué gane el mejor, pero por cierto con respecto a Safari ¿Se sabe cuándo se comercializará el Elasmosaurus, Diabloceratops y Gryposaurus de Wild Safari? Son sobre todo las dos últimas unas piezas interesantes

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