Quetzalcoatlus (Field Museum & Mold-A-Rama)

Mold-A-Rama figures are an icon of dinosaur toy collecting. Originally conceived in the 1950s by Tike Miller for personal use, the first official molding machines were revealed to the world at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair by Automatic Retailers of America. Two years later, Mold-A-Rama would see even more prominence at the 1964 New York …

Pteranodons (Basic)(Jurassic World by Mattel)

Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy Being a completist, I, Emperor Dinobot have to make some difficult choices once in a while. You see, in my yet-to-be-finished display, I am building a sort of aviary, where all pterosaurs big and small can roam around my room’s ceiling. So far it is impressive thanks …

Genyodectes (Jurassic World: Dominion, Extreme Damage by Mattel)

Genyodectes serus (Greek for “late jaw bite”) is a genus of theropod belonging to the Ceratosauridae family and lived in South America during the early Cretaceous. It is only known from an incomplete snout described by Sir Arthur Woodward in 1901. Genyodectes was the second dinosaur ever discovered in South America and despite its fragmentary …

Dire Wolf (MPC)

The hound of La Brea (and beyond) has surprisingly few toys to its name today; equally surprising is that MPC ended up being the first to tackle it. How does the little figurine fare in quality after 50 years?

Upcoming releases from Schleich (New for 2023)

For 2023, Schleich will be releasing five dinosaurs, all of them newcomers to the brand.  Edmontosaurus Gallimimus Gastonia  Monolophosaurus  Tarbosaurus In addition, there will be a demonic-looking Shadow Raptor to go with Schleich’s Eldrador fantasy line.

Upcoming releases from Papo (New for 2023)

Papo’s 2023 prehistoric assortment includes a pair of new dinosaurs. Also slated for release are these two impressive-looking sea reptiles, which were originally supposed to come out this year. And finally, these previously retired figures will be re-released. 

Titanochelon bolivari (1:20 Miocene Collection by Signatustudio)

Review and images by bmathison1972; edited by Suspsy Signatustudio is a line of animal replicas made by artist J. Miguel Aparicio out of Spain. Most of his models are in the 1:20 scale and represent the fauna of Eurasia, including the Iberian Peninsula, the Mediterranean, Tibetan Plateau, and Euro-Siberian regions. He also has produced several …

Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2023)

CollectA continues to impress with the reveal of ten new prehistoric products for 2023, several of which have never appeared in figure form before! Of particular note is Koolasuchus, as it is not only the first prehistoric amphibian from CollectA, but the first prehistoric amphibian from any company in years! Anomalocaris Brighstoneus Ceratosuchops fishing Hadrosaurus …

Dinosaurs III (Authentics Habitat Collection by Safari ltd.)

The final set of Safari’s first forays into dinosaur miniatures features a charming blend of aesthetics, and also serves in retrospect as a tribute to a dawning hobby and its burgeoning artists.

Cryolophosaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

Cryolophosaurus is famous for its handsome crest and for being the largest known theropod from Antarctica, and the largest known one from the Early Jurassic period for that matter. Its classification has long been something of a puzzlement, but a 2020 study concluded that it was a derived neotheropod related to the famous Dilophosaurus. Here …

Wiwaxia (Paleozoic Pals)

In life, Wiwaxia was covered in spines and scales that would have made it about as cuddly as a sea urchin, an animal it resembled but was not related to. Good thing then that Paleozoic Pals made this plush Wiwaxia to snuggle with instead. Wiwaxia lived during the early and middle Cambrian which is famously …

Tyrannosaurus rex (Large Sue Plush 2018 by Wild Republic)

This solidly-built stuffed toy represents The Field Museum’s star dinosaur attraction at its latest, biggest and best.

Edmontosaurus (Jurassic World, Basic 12” Figures by Mattel)

The Basic line of Mattel Jurassic World figures is a line of budget friendly toys that are trimmed down in virtually every aspect. They don’t have any action features, the articulation is exceptionally limited, and the paintjobs are typically simplified. So far, they don’t have a presence on the Dinosaur Toy Blog, but today we’re …

Neovenator (2021)(CollectA)

It’s a hot, clear summer day. Birds are chirping in the trees while the pterosaurs overhead call out to each other as they pass in the sky. Turtles and crocodyliformes are basking comfortably on the banks of the calmly flowing river and on one side, a single spinosaur is standing stock still in the shallows, …

Glyptodont (MPC)

One of the oldest toys of an iconic extinct mammal family still holds up pretty well, especialy alongside its more derivative contemproraries.