Review: Protoceratops (Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company)

2.8 (12 votes)

Review and photos by Torvosaurus, edited by Suspsy.

Howdy from wonderful, windy Wyoming! Today we’ll take a look at the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit (HLBS) Protoceratops. This review will be a relatively short review, as there isn’t much to this figure, which was made sometime during the 1990s.

Review: Triceratops (Jurassic World Dino-Trackers, Habitat Defender by Mattel)

4.7 (23 votes)

Ever since Mattel started making Jurassic World toys collectors have been vocal about wanting a large-scale Triceratops. Of course they would, Triceratops was the largest ceratopsian to ever exist and yet, Mattel’s various Triceratops toys were all woefully undersized.

News: Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2024)(Pt.8)

4.8 (23 votes)

Given how Maiasaura‘s claim to fame is its active parenting skill, it makes perfect sense for Haolonggood to include juveniles alongside the adults.

They’re cute, aren’t they? Nice how their colour schemes resemble, but don’t match those of the parents.

And there’s also a nice prickly pair of Gastonia on the way!

Review: Velociraptor (Jurassic World, Epic Evolution by Mattel)

3.5 (10 votes)

Thanks to my handy clicker-counter and the DinoToyCollector website I was able to tally up 114 Velociraptor toys by Mattel. This includes various repaints, repacks, and toys outside the mainline but not the minis (I forgot them). It’s a rough estimate but it still gives you an idea of how many raptors Mattel has put out there.

News: Upcoming release from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt.18)

3.8 (11 votes)

Mattel has unveiled their upcoming Jurassic World Super Colossal Allosaurus!

At over 97 cm/38″ long, I do believe that this will be by far the biggest Allosaurus toy ever to be released by any company.

And like the previous Super Colossal theropods, this one can “swallow” JW mini figures (not included), or presumably other small dinosaur toys one has lying around.

News: Upcoming release from Creative Beast Studio (Pt.2)

4.6 (21 votes)

Here are some of the images Creative Beast recently posted of the paint sample for their upcoming Beasts of the Mesozoic Utahraptor. The current projected due date for this big boy is sometime in June.

Whoever claims that feathered dinosaurs aren’t impressive or intimidating is clearly talking through their hat, as my dear old grandmother used to say.

Review: Dinosaur Fossils (Ideas by LEGO)

3.8 (8 votes)

Review and photos by Harper Bloomingdale, edited by Suspsy

For those of you not into LEGO, LEGO Ideas is a website where users share their builds and, provided the goal of 10,000 supporters is achieved within a time frame, the build has a chance of getting put into production. 

Review: Alamosaurus (Samuel) (Prehistoric Animal Models by PNSO)

4.7 (44 votes)

Jurassic North America was home to an astonishingly diverse assemblage of sauropod dinosaurs, roughly 20 species have been recovered from the Morrison Formation, including iconic genera such as Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, and Brachiosaurus.

Review: Fukuiraptor (ANIA by Takara Tomy)

3.6 (16 votes)

Review and photographs by Brontozaurus, edited by Suspsy

I recently visited the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (FPDM) while on a trip in Japan. The museum is located near the Kitadani Formation, where many of Japan’s dinosaur species have been found and described. It was well worth it, but even before I got to the FPDM, I was encountering Japanese dinosaurs in toy stores.

News: Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt.17)

4.1 (16 votes)

Two more Hammond Collection toys have been revealed. Feast your eyes on the Pyroraptor and Velociraptor Delta. Quite the contrast, aren’t they?

Apologies for the poor quality of the images; they are taken from Amazon Japan. Once more and better quality images become available, they will be added to this post.

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