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The Dinosaur Toy Blog is dedicated to reviewing models, figures and replicas of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Each blog entry covers a different dinosaur toy and includes detailed photographs from several angles. The blog has many regular authors and guest reviewers. We want to share our thoughts, opinions and recommendations on the figures in our collections, and when possible, we provide links to help you find them as well.

Despite the title of the website, we actually cover all sorts of prehistoric animal toys, not just dinosaurs. That’s why we have a catergory ‘non-dinosaur’, click on this to see pterosaurs, marine reptiles, and other prehistoric beasties. Categories can be found in the drop down menu in the right hand sidebar. Other categories identify the type of dinosaur/animal being reviewed (e.g. theropod) and the company who produced the toy (e.g Papo), so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. We also have company pages that provide links to all figure reviews arranged by major companies.

If we have made any mistakes or if you have any additional information on any of the figures we have reviewed, please do contact us. We are also always delighted to accept contributions from our readers. If you are interested in writing a review, please consult our Submit a Review page for instructions.

The Dinosaur Toy Forum is the official forum of The Dinosaur Toy Blog. It was launched as a place for dinosaur toy collectors and enthusiasts to share their collections and talk about dinosaur toys, dino pop culture, and palaeontology in general. Please feel free to browse the threads and we also invite you to register to join in the discussions, it’s free.

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29 Responses to About

  1. I am sorry to hear about the content stealing! I was really happy to see the feed back again. I’ve been really enjoying recent posts. Thanks as always for the whole site.

  2. I am sad that I can’t read this blog on Google Reader anymore. The preview should at least contain one of the pictures, so I know at a glance whether it’s a figurine whose review I want to read entirely. Any thoughts on this change?

    • Thanks for the comment Sarah, I made the change to reduce dinosaur toy blog content being copied/plagiarised, which has been becoming an issue. However, as it clearly affects the reader experience I’ve returned the feed format back to how it was.

  3. Aunque como ya sabéis de que soy un gran apasionado por los animales prehistóricos. Entiendo de que deberían de rehacer y mejorar las empresas de juguetes dinosaurios clásicos, como han hecho con el Carnotaurus de Safari, o el Triceratops, modelo reciente de Wild Safari, y a precios asequibles, sería bueno a efectos comerciales para las casas de juguetes. Me gustan mucho las realicen las novedades de dinosaurios recientes como Miragaia Safari. Pero entiendo de que no van a tener tanta aceptación como son los dinosaurios y animales prehistóricos clásicos de toda la vida, y se corre el riesgo de que fracasen amén de los costos que supone y de la grave crisis económica que todavía sufrimos.

  4. My 4 year-old son loves anything related to dinosaurs. He goes crazy at the toy store. I think its refreshing he’s more into dinosaurs instead of video games.

  5. Love the dino toys 🙂 I favor stegosaurus, personally.

    While this isn’t quite a toy, more of a miniature model, you might enjoy these guys:


  6. I love this blog! My husband and I each collected dinosaur toys when we were younger (mostly JP, Carnegie, British Museum and Safari) so together we have one massive collection. This blog makes me want to make a nice area to properly display them and get into collecting again. I’ll be sure to check her regularly.

  7. This is quite possibly the coolest blog I have every come across.

    Not strictly speaking a dinosaur toy, but you might enjoy our animated clip “Life According to dinosaurs”, featuring dinosaurs explaining facebook:

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Nicole, I’m not sure but I reposted your question on the forum where you should get some sort of response…

  9. Hello!

    I am putting together a dinosaur kit for my students on Mississippi dinosaurs.

    I have had difficulty in finding some of these unique dinosaurs. Can you reference me to anyone who may have the following dinosaur toys:

    Saurornitholestes, Struthiomimus, Appalachiasaurus, Hadrosaur (Lophorhothon), Nodosaurus

    I investigated Safari toys, but they did not have these items.

    Any recommendations?

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Hi there Ellen

    there aren’t many mosasaurids currently in production. I’d recommend the Kaiyodo Tylosaurus (probably the best so far) and the Carnegie Mosasaurus, you can’t find them in many stores, but if you visit our forum, you’ll probably find someone willing to sell or trade one.

    National Geographic will release a medium-size Tylosaurus later this year, so keep your eyes open! 😀

  11. Does anyone know where to get a mmosasaur figure?

  12. Thank you for the quick response. I went to the link and posted there. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  13. Hi Eli – I’m not sure, but you will almost certainly find an answer if you ask here:

  14. Hello there. My son has been wanting a terror bird figure for some time and I can’t seem to locate one. Any one know where i could get one? Thanks.

  15. Love your site- with some great information. I love digging up nice non-Wikipedia info sites. I’ve got some replicas I’ll donate if you want to review them. Most all from the Safari line (with a lot of the Carnegie Collection). I’d just ask that you link to my store in return…

    It’s a pretty fun store and we sell a lot of
    dinosaur and fossil kits at Atomic Elephant Toy. Contact me via my site if you’d be interested.

    Thanks and good luck with the blog!

  16. Hi Ron and Tom. Concerning the Battat Diplodocus figure, it does have markings. In very small print (I needed a magnifying glass) on the stomach are four lines of print that read “1994 Museum of Science Boston; Diplodocus Longus 88 feet long; Battat Inc; Made in China”.
    For more pics and info on all the Battat dinosaurs, visit the Realm of Rubber Dinosaurs website, http://www.rubberdinosaurs.com

  17. Hi,

    I just found your site and I really like it. Would you be interested in a link exchange with my site? I carry news on new toy releases and have many dinosaur-related stories on site at the moment. Get in touch if you have any questions!

    All the best,


  18. Hi David,

    As far as I am aware, not all lines stick to a standard scale. The following companies are pretty good with this though:

    Schleich replica saurus line is 1:40 scale, and their prehistoric mammals line is 1:20.

    Bullyland stick to a 1:30 scale.

    Invicta are 1:45 (with some exceptions)

    The scale is sometimes printed on individial figures (e.g. Bullyland) or a length is given (Invicta, some carnegie), so it is also worth checking the actual toys.

  19. Hi,

    I was wondering if I might get some feedback (email included) on the relative scale of the different toy makers. Carnergie I know stick to 1:40 scale but what about Papo or the others?


  20. Thanks for the kind comment Denis – yes, others have also suggested that we include dimensions of the figures. Sometimes the pictures can be very misleading. We will make this a standard practice for all our future dinosaur toy reviews.

  21. Only just came across the blog but suspect I’ll be a frequent visitor as its really good.

    My only comment is that I’d like dimensions of figures [say straight line nose to til of tail], as this helps me, and possibly others.

    Congratulations on a great blog.

  22. Great site-loads of new dino’s to interest my little boy-he’s desperate to get hold of some kind of terror bird i.e. Phorusrachus or gastornis (thanks to a walking with beasts dvd from santa!) Any suggestions on if they can be found anyone???!!
    Keep up the good work with the site-great links pages too!

  23. Hello Ron,

    concerning the Battats, each dinosaur has the year of production, ‘Museum of Science Boston’, its binomial name (for instance, Stegosaurus Armatus), its lenght and ‘Battat’ written on the underside. I still haven’t received the Diplodocus, but I have read that this guy has no markings at all. It should not be difficult to identify, though, as its pose is very peculiar: it rears up on its hind legs.

    Not surprisingly, there are several knock-offs (I have seen the Stegosaurus, the Edmontonia and the Amargasaurus), not to mention that many ‘serious’ companies have adapted one or other element from Battat: AAA and Procon tried to imitate the Dilophosaurus, ELC has a Ceratosaurus that is very similar to the Battat version, and even Safari borrowed the Utahraptor paint scheme for their Baby Utahraptor. In both cases (i.e. the bootlegs and the official replicas) the markings are obviously different.

    I hope this helps.


  24. Ron,

    I have seen some of the procon dinosaurs – I will be reviewing some in the near future!


  25. Hi there….I just want to know if you could tell me how to identify an authentic battat dinosaur? Do they have battat written on them? Or what other markings should I be looking for? I appreciate your help in advance, Thankyou, Ron

  26. Hello! This is a really great site with tons of information.
    Our company has just launched a new dinosaur skeleton model which is more detailed than the wooden kits but not as detailed as some of the quite expensive kits or replicas. Have a look at http://www.dinocast.ca and post it if you like.

    Michael Patterson
    Dinocast Model Kits Inc.

  27. Hiya!

    Like your blog! If you want to trade links let me know 😉


    ps..you may now delete this lol

  28. Hi,

    Nice site enoyed the blog format. Have you seen any of the new Procom dinosaurs from England?