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Dinomike Spinosaurus - Now Photobucket free!

Started by Dinomike, November 03, 2016, 06:20:30 PM

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Hi all! I'm happy and excited to announce that the 1:80 Scale Dinomike Collection Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is now ready to ship. Here are the official promotional pictures of the final product. Make sure to get your soon as these will run out very quickly! The price for this beauty is 45€/50$ + postage.  PM me or Jetoar if you are interested!

5€/5.5$ for shipping within the EU and 9€/10$ for international shipments. No additional cost will be added. So the price for shipping will be quite reasonable.

2016_11_03_PromotionalTeaserLores by Mikko Sinervo, on Flickr

2016_11_27_PromoPic2LoRes by Mikko Sinervo, on Flickr

2016_11_27_PromoPic1LoRes by Mikko Sinervo, on Flickr

2016_11_27_PromoPic3LoRes by Mikko Sinervo, on Flickr

2016_11_27_PromoPic4Lores by Mikko Sinervo, on Flickr

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I really love the Spino's fish killing face. Its the ultimate design for a fishing beast! The teeth are just so Gnarly! and its really agressive looking overall!

Id like to see some vibrant color design vs the normal tans and greens weve been seeing on these figures as of late.
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Thank you Archinto! You've been added to the list!
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I like the parts that haven't been found, like the back part of the sail, the proximal caudals, and the jugals and other rear cranial elements, because they allow all sorts of speculation.
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I love all skulls, but Spinosaurus's has always seemed especially beautiful to me with its very elegant, elongated shape and its highly specialised fish-catching adaptations. It looks so much better than when it was restored with a generic convex Carnosaur head! Runners up would be the huge claws that define the family and the animal's sheer size. It's had to imagine a land predator that huge and it's very awe-inspiring.

I won't assume I'm going to win as I don't tend to win stuff, so I'll hold off with the colour scheme ideas until I know more.

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It may be a bit cliche, but the sail is my favorite. It's amazing to consider such a large display structure on what could have been a behemoth animal. Imagine all the signs of a long and arduous life that the sail of an old Spinosaurus would have bore.


Thank you all! You have all been added to the list! :)
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{about the T-Rex) When he sees us with his kid isn't he gonna be like "you"!?

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Forelimbs! I have no idea why I like them, just aesthetically pleasing to me : D


The tall Spines of course! I imagine they would curve as the animals legs pushed off one after the other and it's thick tail swayed back and forth through the water. I like the DM logo letters btw!

My color theme idea: white like white sand for the body with black accents, green/blue osteoderms, and a pink/orange/brown sail to look like coral. So it can blend into a tropical coral reef setting. I have no reason to believe it lived in that environment lol.
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Do you have a preview?
What size is goint to be?
How much is it stimated to cost?
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The thing that most attract me of spinosaurus is his exceptional head
Bigger than a camarasaurus,
and with a bite more stronger that the T-Rex bite,
Ticamasaurus is certainly the king of the Jurassic period.

With Balaur feet, dromaeosaurus bite, microraptor wings, and a terrible poison, the Deinoraptor Dromaeonychus is a lethal enemy for the most ferocious hybrid too.

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Hi all! thanks for the ideas! @Megalosaurus: The Spinosaurus will be in 1:80 scale with a detachable base. Price and more teaset images will be released soon!
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Kayakasaurus, Copper, Predasaurskillekor, Megalosaurus - you have all been added to the lucky draw list!
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its crocodile like face  for me


I admit I find the current postulated reconstruction aesthetically pleasing, but I guess I also like the fact that said reconstruction looks so different from your average two legged theropod that show up all over the place.


Fason and Talyn, you are on the list!
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Here's a teaser image from the fact card which will be included in the package!

2016_11_07_TeaserImage2 by Mikko Sinervo, on Flickr
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that teaser looks really interesting , any idea on prices yet ?


Probably the head, I just really like animals with long snouts... as for coloration, albino or melanistic would be interesting.
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