EmperorDinobot's Paleoart part 4 DINOVEMBER CHALLENGE!

Started by EmperorDinobot, August 16, 2012, 12:24:31 PM

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I don't know..green is hard to pull off well..but I think you did it here.

No way! Green is the most versatile, lovely color out there! It's so easy to work with! It makes my life joyful! RED is a hard color to work with. Ugh.

Really ? I find it VERY difficult to do a green dinosaur of any kind. Give me browns, reds, greys, even black any day..but green is difficult to fit in and not look fake..at least how I do it..lol


Long time. Here's some new schtuff:

Pedopenna daohugouensis

Austroraptor cabazai

Mussaurus patagonicus

Dracorex hogwartsia

Talarurus plicatospineus

Kronosaurus queenslandicus

More to come...


A very ferocious looking Spinosaurus.


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Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis

Khaan mckennai

Can't believe it's been a year. That's how busy I've been. I'm trying to advance my drawing a teensy bit. I've been recently criticized for Pachycephalosaurus' neck posture. Feel free to diagram on it to tell me how to fix it. I've been out of the loop for a while so I need to ease myself back in into the science.

Coming up next: It's a surprise! pickle surprise!!!!!!

Paleogene Pals

EmperorDinobot, I am intrigued with how you reconstructed the nose of your sauropod. I'm wondering if that isn't something to be tried with my brachiosaur that I am working on.


Nice work! I like the Pachycephalosaurus, though I'm afraid I can't offer any advice regarding the neck posture.


Neck posture's fine, reader had issues with the behavior being presented.


Quote from: EmperorDinobot on August 16, 2012, 12:24:31 PM
Since my thread is long gone...And I have been retired, I offer you this:

Amargasaurus cazaui
Here reconstructed with a hump rather than  sail and a bare back. It's all speculation, but this animal can't offer us anything better anyways.
More to come. Maybe. This is the anchor I'm setting in. dAmn watermark because I'm too lazy to make my own and because people have been stealing my drawings.

I've always thought this was more the way they should look anyway. I'm not a fan of the bare bones look. Wonderfully done!
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Quote from: Paleogene Pals on April 05, 2014, 05:21:46 PM
EmperorDinobot, I am intrigued with how you reconstructed the nose of your sauropod. I'm wondering if that isn't something to be tried with my brachiosaur that I am working on.

Just put a nose on it. That's it. There's birds with weirder things. I mean look at Sage grouse. Aren't they just funny?

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

You are extremely talented, EmperorDinobot! Lovely pictures.
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Thanks! Well, those two may be it for a while. I started 5 more animals, but given the busy schedule plus my extremely lazy lifestyle, I may have to finish them later. I will definitely try to finish the marine reptile I am working on. It's quite obscure, and it means I might have to re-do my Pannoniasaurus . Any guesses?


Wow, is that really a Musaurus? I thought it was a sauropodmorph, am I missing something?


You are the coolest artist ever!
I wish I could draw like you!


Thank you, Spitters For Ever! Your kind comments have inspired me to do this:

I would like to introduce LGPP Originals!

A brainchild of my father, I decided that I should sell my art via white and grey t-shirts. These will soon be available online, on ebay, and on crafts and farmers markets around Portland, OR. If you want a custom shirt, with any one of my dinosaurs, LGPP Original Brand Name, please do let me know. They run at around $10. Color shirts will not be available for now. I'm currently editing all my dinosaurs into featuring the LGPP Originals Brand Name, so for the time being only my new submissions will be available, though there is a big possibility that I will delete all pre 2011 artwork, so if any of those are in your favorites, sorry! It's time to move on, and bring the LGPP Originals Brand Name into the world. I wanna be able to share my work with the entire planet, and I have many people telling me that they would like to own one of my pieces. Why not wear it?

Here are new submissions:

Yaguarasaurus columbianus

Europelta carbonensis

Dilophosaurus wetherilli

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus a la All New Yesterdays revolution.

Look forward to me pumping out a lot of new artwork in the next three months, all under the brand LGPP Originals. LGPP is my initials fyi :)

Shirts are available upon request. $10 for them, and are available in S, M, L. They are white and of good quality.


Archaeoceratops oshimai

Ouranosaurus nigeriensis

Also available as shirts or prints.


Shuvuuia deserti

Hypsilophodon foxii

Thecodontosaurus antiquus

Laquintasaura venezuelae

Laquintasaura venezuelae flag version!


Very impressive drawings, as we are based in England so great to see drawings of Thecodontosaurus and Hypsilophodon, really interesting interpretations.  We always thought of Thecodontosaurus as a facultative biped, with longer hind limbs, but your quadrupedal stance for us works really well.  Interesting integumental covering with the shaggy proto-feathers and everything.  Not aware of any feathers in the Sauropodamorpha but the way things are going, feathers in this clade would not really be a huge surprise.

The other drawings are most impressive too, the only constructive criticism we would offer concerns the Hypsilophodon, personally we would not make the upper mandible so highly curved. It is a bit too "raptorish" for our tastes.  We have been lucky enough to get up close to quite a bit of Hypsilophodont material and we have always interpreted this Ornithopod with having a more rounded less pointed beak.

All in all excellent drawings, good luck with your enterprise.


Thank you. The Hypsilophodon was done thinking of a sort of florivore in mind, nothing raptorish there, but I know what you mean. Initially I was against giving it a sharp keratinous beak, but it was artistic license, and trust me when I say I was not thinking of raptors (deinonychosauria) or extant raptors when I made that animal. My newer drawings are meant to depict issues not preserved in fossil material yet plausible because of modern species. I wanted to make Hypsilophodon like a foraging bird...a foraging dog sized bird, unafraid to dig in the ground for roots and other plant material to consume. Who is to say they didn't eat meat or bugs or fish in their times of need?

Oh, and I wish to inquire the following question. When you say "we", who are you referring to? I'm just curious LoL.

Edit #2: I checked all the material I worked from, and they do have slightly curvy bird like beak, so I can't say I understand what you're referring to being all raptor like.


Lesothosaurus diagnosticus

Tyrannosaurus rex

Lambeosaurus sp. male?

Deinonychus antirrhopus

More classics cometh!